Crazy politics put Flavor Flav and Garth Brooks fans at center of Sanders dustups

Post on Garth Brooks and Sanders controversy @jasoncvincent on Twitter
Post from @jasoncvincent on Twitter regarding the dustup between fans and Garth Brooks over his Sanders jersey.

If you’ve followed politics as long as I have, to stay sane, you have to learn to laugh at the craziness. Dustups over presidential wannabe Bernie Sanders are the latest in crazy, and fans of both Flavor Flav and Garth Brooks have had enough.

Brooks fans went first. Performing in Detroit, the singer known for theatrics and legendary tunes took to the stage wearing a football jersey and his trademark cowboy hat. On the Jersey was the name Sanders and the number 20. Freakouts ensued. The best place to see all the inane comments is Twitter where Brooks fans had plenty to say about the singer’s perceived support for self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders who is running as a Democrat.

Thing is, Brooks wasn’t supporting Bernie Sanders with that jersey. He wore it in honor of Barry Sanders, former running back with the Detroit Lions. This Sanders and Brooks graduated from the same college. There’s a comical note in the BBC article linked here—”There is an assumed relationship between country music and right-wing politics in the US…” That assumption would be incorrect. The mayor of the capital of country music, Nashville, is a Democrat. If there are any so-called conservatives in the business, most keep their mouths shut in order to keep working.

The other dustup occurred with hip hop fans:

Flavor Flav is now officially an alumnus of the group, according to a statement from the group reported by Rolling Stone. His firing follows a dispute with Chuck D over an appearance by a PE spinoff at a Bernie Sanders rally, which resulted in Flav sending a cease-and-desist order to the Sanders campaign.”

It’s ironic that Bernie Sanders is at the heart of a dispute in two completely different music market sectors.

Just goes to show you that the crazy is with us and will be long after November tells its tale.

If you want to see all the memes, insults and comments in both camps, just go  to Twitter and search for ‘Garth Brooks Sanders jersey’ and ‘Flavor Flav Sanders dispute’.

In other zany news, media reported on Americans who said they won’t drink Corona beer right now. What rubes (!) many ‘reporters’ on Twitter said.

Not really. The reason for criticism of Corona has to do with a new ad campaign, not fears over the virus. You have to dig to get to the facts, though, and most media just run with the memes.

This past weekend, we went to hear Rebecca do tunes. My husband, normally a Scotch drinker, surprised us all when the bartender asked him what he wanted.

“Just give me a Corona,” he said. Everyone at the bar got a kick out of that.

(Kay B. Day/March 2, 2020)

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