Corona lockdown is a whole new experience for this family

Petunias in bloom
Petunias in bloom. Photo by Indie Art South

I admit I’m accustomed to a very fast pace. I’ve long been involved in the girls’ music. I still try to maintain my writing and my website. And topping it all is my commitment to being a wife to a very fine husband. So this Corona lockdown (that term is trending on Twitter, by the way, illustrating group think I suppose) is proving a whole new experience for my little family.

Back yard evening
Evening comes out back. Photo by Indie Art South

My husband is working at home after being in an office environment for 40+ years. When he told me his company was getting ahead of the ball on telecommuting, I told him he could have my office and I’d use the little corner in our over-sized master suite like I did when we first moved here and both girls were still in school and living at home.  That’s worked out very well for him. All my years of freelancing required an up-to-date office setup. So all he had to do was move his basic necessities, and once his door is closed, we don’t even know he’s there until lunchtime and quitting time. Bear, our dog, attaches himself to Ran and that is the only big change otherwise, because Bear wants to be right there.

Lizard in back yard
Lizard photo by Indie Art South

Meanwhile Rebecca and Joshua are here, but Joshua is gone most of the time because he works in healthcare. They’re still looking for a house, and they’re ready to do the deed, but unfortunately, it’s not feasible right now to go into other peoples’ homes. They live temporarily with a couple in their 60s, so we’re at fairly high risk in that age criterion alone. Frankly, I don’t mind it because the way our house is designed, they have one end and we have the other. It works and it’s a good thing right now considering Rebecca’s business challenges with the show cancellations in all sectors. I also appreciate the extra help keeping this place going.

Despite the fact I’m in good health, I’m following the self-isolation standard. I don’t want to get this weird virus and I don’t want to give it to anyone if I should get it.

Yesterday, a man in a wheelchair was on our street, and he greeted my husband who was taking his after-work walk. The man asked for help. My husband never carries money when he takes his walks, so he told the fellow he didn’t have cash.

“I don’t need cash,” the man said. “I need food.”

So my hubs called me to take care of that.

I put together a care package and walked down the street to give it to the fellow. I stood as far back as possible while handing it to him. He thanked me profusely and asked me if I could hug him. Normally, I’d have done that. But these are not normal times.

I told him I was sorry I couldn’t hug him, but I would happily call a family member if he wanted me to, or I could see if there was an organization that might help him. He strongly declined both offers. I told him it’d be best for folks not to hug right now on the street because no one knows who is carrying this illness. I don’t think he even knew about the Coronavirus going around.

Not being able to touch him made me very sad. In the South, we hug.

Rebecca Day doing back yard music
Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) offered us some back yard music. Photo by Indie Art South

Meanwhile here at the Daysie farm, we now have a weekly Facebook show going. Rebecca and Jennifer are having fun doing it and they plan to make it a permanent happening once this horrible virus is destroyed. I would say ‘killed’, but I learned yesterday there’s a debate about whether viruses are living organisms. Personally speaking I know viruses are always seeking a good host, and I don’t want to open that door. During this shutdown, my back yard has been a great source of comfort and peace to all of us here.

As we head into the weekend, I’m making plans to do some gardening and maybe even swim. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees or better today, so it looks like our spring is going all summery early on. Everything is blooming, and the weather has been splendid this last week. I couldn’t help but think what perfect days these would be for all the shows Rebecca, Jen, and Wes had booked.

The Daysies take the home stage at 4 pm today—we hope you’ll tune in. They’re committed to keeping the music going, even if almost everything else around us has stopped.

Also, feel free to check out our Coffee Break and Set List pages here at IAS!

(Kay B. Day/March 27, 2020)


Derelict by Rebecca Day
Image of ‘Derelict’ book cover courtesy of author.

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