Porter Union set for new album with no “overproduced, cliche filled songs”

Album cover credit @porterunion
Album cover credit @porterunion on Facebook.

Country band Porter Union is set for their new album release, Loved and Lost, on March 6, 2020, and if that album takes a customary approach, you’ll find no “overproduced, cliché filled songs” in the liner notes. Based on their past music, the band led by husband and wife Cole Michael and Kendra Porter should deliver a great deal of listening pleasure to fans of authentic music so rare in a culture dominated by formula and pop-hybrids.

This is one busy group of musicians, and with good reason.

If you listen to their music—quite an offering is available on YouTube—you’ll see why they’re so busy.

Much of the music is about individual relationships and commitment. But above all, it evokes the feel of real country unlike so much of the guitar dominated mindless babble we hear today coming out of cities where country music is supposed to be king. The voices of this husband and wife meld together flawlessly with tight harmonies. The music I’ve heard so far is also thankfully devoid of surface cliché—in other words, save yourself before you tackle saving the world.

Porter Union will perform in at least six different states between now and May, 2020.

The story of how these two musicians met, recounted on Facebook, sounds like something out of a novel:

“Porter Union, led by husband and wife, Cole Michael Porter and Kendra Porter, is the result of the two old souls spending the better part of the last decade traveling the country together to play their music everywhere from the dive bars and honky tonks to festivals and theaters. When you hear the story of Cole and Kendra meeting in a hometown bar, falling in love while writing and playing together, it sounds like [a] fairy tale built by corporate music row. Luckily, that’s where the comparison stops – you won’t find overproduced, cliche filled songs here.”

I predict a very well-received album. These two aren’t writing songs by following a “what will sell” model or formula. They’re writing from the heart—“raw” as their bio said—and the end product touches your own heart in a way that cookie cutter content never will.

You can find details about their tour on their official website.

I found Porter Union during one of my Facebook crawls looking for bands to write about. For every 100 or so bands I find, I end up writing about one usually. From the first couple measures I heard, I knew I’d write about this one.

(Kay B. Day/Feb. 24, 2020)

CD by Nancy Wilson Buckler
CD by Nancy Wilson Buckler

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