Fireside surprises: Horse in the flames and a rocket launch on the phone

fire flames by indie art south
Photo: Indie Art South

Saturday was a busy day, and a chilly one here in North Florida. That evening, I finally finished all my to-dos and my son-in-law Joshua Knight offered to build us a fire. I’d tossed a couple hints out, and he accommodated. We had great kindling, and at first, the flames shot high until everything in the fire pit settled down.

Only later did I notice an image in the flames, and later again, an impressive photo he showed me.

I was sipping my coffee and he was sipping some really nice bourbon and we talked about a lot of things, but spent most of the convo talking about our ancestors. There’s something about a fire that makes your mind wander. I think a lot about how my ancestors fought battles to preserve their way of life, but in the end, after a number of attempts, the Romans succeeded. My people became Christians and were absorbed into the mighty empire. (Article continues after photo.)

fire flames by indie art south
Photo: Indie Art South

The irony is that we somehow kept so much of our culture intact. Even as we were Christianized, and we spread out to other countries, we hung onto celebrations of harvest, winter, and new year, among other practices. Thousands of years after the fact, I still knock on wood for luck.

Joshua’s heritage is fascinating. I’m sure we have ancestral ties in common, but like so many Americans, including me, his ancestors hail from a number of countries.

So we had this feeling going of ties to our past, and as our conversation died down along with the fire, we started looking at our phones. We were both fascinated with the Snow Moon, so full and bright it made the leaves on the trees and everything around them look silver. It was a beautiful night, and it still amazes me that we get such a good view of the stars even though we live in the city. I felt the pull of the moon strongly in a spiritual way, maybe because Leo is my sign and the proximity of a very bright star that night, Regulus.

As Joshua scrolled through his photos, he came upon a photo of a rocket he’d taken more than a year ago as he headed into work very early in the morning. When he showed me the picture, I was amazed. That he took it with a phone says so much about the wonders of technology. After doing some digging, we realized the June, 2018 photo was likely from the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 at Cape Canaveral. If you didn’t know the rocket was launched that morning, you might think you were seeing a UFO from another world. (Article continues after photo.)

Space X Falcon 9 June 29, 2018 photo by Joshua Knight
SpaceX Falcon 9 in the sky; launched 6/29/2018. Photo by Joshua Knight.

We let the fire burn down and squared everything up outside. Once those flames quieted, you could tell how cold it was, at least by Florida standards. Shortly before going inside,  I popped a photo of the fire onto my Facebook page because I thought it was a neat pic.

The next day as I scanned my page on Facebook, I took a second look at that fire photo. I was amazed at what I saw. There was a notable image of something with an eye, and to me, the image resembled a horse. Then I started reading comments below the photo, and Jennifer Reeser commented on the “weird things” she could see in the photo. Reeser is a poet I’ve written about here, and her work resonates with me. I was glad she said that because I thought I might be reading something into the photo.

The image that looks like a horse’s head to me is fitting in a way. Joshua and I were talking ancestry, and the horse was a symbol in myth and legend for my ancestors.

What does it all mean? I have no idea. Sometimes, though, I think there’s messaging spiritually that we can hear or see only if we’re receptive.

I also think Joshua had an amazing photo on his phone for more than a year and I was really glad to be able to share it here with my readers.

Nothing beats a fire for relaxation and self-reflection. That fire certainly did the trick.

(Kay B. Day/Feb. 12, 2020)

Urban deer in upstate South Carolina. (Photo by Indie Art South)
Urban deer in upstate South Carolina. (Photo by Indie Art South)

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