Golden Globes to US royalty: No meat for you!

Italian parsley image Indie Art South
Italian Parsley image by Indie Art South.

A wire service story is being memed by numerous media about the upcoming Golden Globes “ceremony”. That’s the annual gala where US royalty converge to see who the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hold in high esteem when it comes to TV and film. This year’s affair will have a twist—no meat courses will be served to attendees.

It’s all about honoring the planet, right? Wrong.

You can read the wire story in just about any meme-based media outlet. That includes the majority of media outlets who bring you daily news in print, on TV, and on the Web. The story notes special bottled water will be served in glass. Cuz recyclable, right?

Frankly, I don’t remember the last time I watched any awards show. What strikes me as noteworthy is that less than 100 media workers exert such influence over US culture. It’s also geographically biased as far as membership—you have to permanently have southern California as your primary residence. What fresh hell is that?

The best part of that wire service story can be found in comments I read at the leftist Yahoo news site. I guess to be fair I should read some at a rightist news site, but the Yahoo responses were so good I stopped with those.

What’s breathtaking to me is that we permit ourselves to be pulled into something that is among the least democratic institutions in the entertainment industry. Hollywood usually just churns and rechurns the same old plots, and prequels and sequels are a standard these days because of the lack of talent and creativity.

Royalty may self-applaud because they’re eating plants and no animals at this glitzy self-indulgent event. Fact is the people in that room and on that stage have a larger carbon footprint than any ten of us who aren’t part of the royalty class in the US. What I anticipate is a roomful of hypocrites having a feel good moment about their contributions to the environment when in reality they are among the most damaging on Earth if you look at the environment through the myopic lens of carbon. I don’t have a single lens, by the way, but most of them do.

I envision quite a few of these tinselati heading to the nearest fast food joint for a burger once their evening ends. It’d be lots of fun if some enterprising ‘journalist’ birddogged attendees to see who goes all carnivore when the curtain comes down. That won’t happen. There is no such thing as a real journalist these days, not when it comes to politics and culture.

(Kay B. Day/January 2, 2020)

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