Changes ahead for the Daysies in 2020

firepitFinally Rebecca, Jennifer, and I had a chance to get together and talk about what’s ahead for The Crazy Daysies in 2020. Some things will change, but the most important thing will stay the same.

The band will be doing more shows out of the area. As the Daysies’ Web presence has grown, their supporter base has broadened. In addition to Florida cities, we’ve got Georgia, South Carolina, and maybe North Carolina in our sights for right now. Of course they’ll be doing shows here at home as well, just not as many as before.

The Crazy Daysie family holiday wishes; three of us hadn't made it to the table yet.
The Crazy Daysies family holiday wishes; three of us hadn’t made it to the table yet. Starting at left: Kayla, Rebecca, David, Jennifer, and Dylan. Arriving after the pic was made were Rand (the girls’ dad), Joshua, and me. (Photo: Indie Art South)

We’ll also be focusing more on streaming. This is a hard nut to crack, but progress is being made, most recently with the addition of “Old Jeans Blue” and “Living Room Blues and Faith” to the International Singer Songwriter Association’s Modern Country Playlist. Both songs are among the girls’ most popular right now.

The music is getting nice attention from radio. Music Mafia has Daysie tunes in their rotation. Central Florida’s top Internet radio station WBCW also added Daysie tunes. Up in Georgia, WAAK Radio (K94.7 FM) is playing the Daysies, and over in Sarasota, WSLR (96.5) has also added Daysie songs. We continue to hear from supporters when they catch a Daysie tune, so if you hear one, please let us know so we can thank the station!

Speaking of streaming and radio play, soon we’ll have new tunes recorded, and we’ll let you know when those are done. Rebecca and Jenn both have new music, and we’re very excited about it. That’s the part that won’t change–dedication to making the best music we know how to make.

Rebecca and Joshua
Rebecca and Joshua; photo by Indie Art South.

Last year was busy for all of us. Jennifer and her husband David welcomed a new addition, son Dylan. Rebecca, long interested in free market principles and economics, founded a chapter of The Bastiat Society here in Jacksonville, and she’ll head to Massachusetts in April for a directors’ meeting.

Closer to home, the full band will perform at Jax Country Music Fest in September. One of our favorite bands, The Jason Evans Band, will also perform at this festival. The only public show in January will feature Rebecca solo at Hemming Park, another favorite place for them to perform and me to listen. I love that place. As the year progresses, there will be solo and duo shows at venues like Ragtime Tavern, Brick Oven, Sunset Tiki, and a duo show at Seven Bridges in February.

All shows are announced each week on the Daysies’ Facebook page. Daysie info and merch are also available at Rebecca Day Music and The Crazy Daysies.

The girls recently learned they’re nominated for two awards, and they’ve made the final ballot. There’s still time to vote for them if you haven’t already, at South Florida Country Music. Voting closes the evening of January 17, 2020. The SFCM Facebook page is a great resource for music lovers and music makers.

For the Daysies, 2020 will be a busy year full of public shows, private shows, and corporate events. We’re off to a great start after the rough patch we hit personally at the end of 2019 due to negative events beyond our control. One day you’re bopping along doing your thing, and then someone else makes a lousy decision and costs you time and money. We’ve put the angst behind us and look forward to a great year. We hope you have a great 2020 too.

Come out and see us, and sign up for the Daysies’ email notification list on Facebook, and on Rebecca Day Music (both linked above). We promise not to overflow your mailbox!

(Kay B. Day/Jan. 8, 2020)


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