Back from ‘Legends’ in Branson, unsung hero Billy Buchanan heats up Florida

image of Billy Buchanan from Facebook public page
Image of Billy Buchanan from Facebook public page @billybmusic.

Before you read another word, I’ll admit I love Billy Buchanan’s voice and style, and I think the music he performs is probably the greatest this country produced in my lifetime. So if you expect me to be objective, ditch that expectation. Buchanan is currently based in Jacksonville, Florida, and besides being an awesome musician, he’s an unsung hero with a story media appeared to overlook.

Buchanan just returned from a residency with Legends in Concert, and if you live in Gainesville, Amelia Island, St. Augustine, or several other places in Florida, you have a chance to see an amazing performer at upcoming events. In an earlier article, I cited his delivery of “When a Man Loves a Woman”, a song made famous by the great Percy Sledge. That song is magic.

Anyway, in that same article, I talked about Buchanan’s heroic moment during a performance. You’d think media would jump all over the story, but in this negativity obsessed age, they didn’t report on it.

Buchanan saved a woman’s life. Literally. He wrote about it on his Facebook page:

“This is Janey. I saved her life last night. LITERALLY. She started choking during dinner. And everyone was just staring at her. I looked her square in the eye and asked her if she was really choking. She nodded her head yes, and I immediately started doing the Heimlich maneuver on her (I learned how to do it like 30 years ago!). The food that was stuck in her throat came flying out of her mouth. And then she was all better. She called me her hero ?‍♂️ ❤️. Glad I could help.”

In a recent post on his public page, Buchanan explained why he couldn’t post video of his stint in Branson for Legends in Concert. Legends doesn’t permit performers to do that.

Buchanan heads to Gainesville to perform at Cypress and Grove Brewing Company on January 31. You can check out all his “Rock and Soul” upcoming events at his Facebook page, and if you’d like to know more, check out his website. Count me among his fans for sure.

(Kay B. Day/Jan. 13, 2020)

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