Florida filmmaker, on heels of success, wraps production on genre blend ‘The Waiting’

Promo poster for film 'The Waiting'Florida filmmaker F. C. Rabbath is in a minority of indie filmmakers. On the heels of wrapping a film picked up this year by robust distributor Gravitas Ventures, Rabbath set to work on a new film The Waiting. After a few weeks of editing, the new film will be sent to festivals.

Reception at those festivals will determine the world premiere. The Waiting is a blend of horror, romance, and comedy. Rabbath summed it up in a nutshell for Indie Art South.

Screen shot from film 'The Waiting'
Screen shot from film ‘The Waiting’

The Waiting is horromedy (horror/comedy/romance) about a haunted hotel room,” said Rabbath, “where a new hotel employee falls in love with a ghost stuck in one of the rooms.”

The new film grew out of ideas formed within the changing US social culture. In what Rabbath calls our “hookup culture,” authentic love can be “hard to find,” he said. Dating has become like online shopping. He said the film has a “good message.”

Screen shot from film 'The Waiting'
Screen shot from film ‘The Waiting’

Rabbath certainly has exposure to diverse cultures. He grew up overseas, living in countries like Egypt, Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At present, Rabbath does creative work across the US, with the bulk of his time spent between Orlando and Tallahassee, describing himself as “a nomad.”

While it’s true that having a film distributed by a company like Gravitas Ventures is cause for celebration, it doesn’t solve the critical challenge most indie producers face—having enough resources to do the work. Rabbath’s horror film A Brilliant Monster was released in late spring, 2019, in a number of theaters and on-demand options,  and critics were positive about the  work Deadline described as a film with “an ambitious narrative.’

Rabbath set to work on The Waiting shortly after A Brilliant Monster was released.

Rabbath described himself as an inventor, author, former journalist, and entrepreneur. He also does editing and commercials, and is one of those versatile creatives who apparently enjoys thinking outside the box. [Edited 12/2/19 to remove email address.]

You can keep up with news about the new film by visiting the Facebook page @thewaitingmovie.

Indie film is one of the most challenging artistic genres, because you need a large quantity of skills and resources. At present, other than by grants, most indie films are created with help from individual donors. Rabbath said he’s currently setting up a new fundraiser page for The Waiting, and Indie Art South will add that link to this column once we have it.

Jacksonville’s Jared Rush, with Third Man Entertainment, was involved in producing The Waiting. Rush is a tireless advocate for indie film, and has worked on successful productions across the country while also serving on the boards of various film festivals.

(All images courtesy of F. C. Rabbath (The Waiting); used with permission.

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 2, 2019)

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