Why is media giving advice about talking politics at your Thanksgiving table?

firepitI’m amused at all the advice from media about what to talk about at your Thanksgiving table. Whose business is it when it comes to what you and your circle talk about? Why are media even giving us unsolicited advice?

Maybe some families can talk politics peacefully, but I’d say those are few and far between. There’s a smarter option, though, and it should be free of the landmines that some families trip over when it comes to what you believe.

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Instead of politics, if you must talk about matters other than family, football, books, music, and all the stuff we chat about in our home, try a new approach.

Try philosophy.

If you talk about ideas rather than politicians and political parties, maybe, just maybe, you can keep the peace. And there’s an outside chance you can grow your perspective. Instead of pushing your favorite candidate or focusing on media fabricated outrage, put forth ideas about economics, history, education, healthcare and like that.

Above all, talk about the role you believe government should take on in your own life, because those of us who are older recognize the insane level of intrusion government on different levels has assumed in each of our lives.

My personal preference for holidays is to talk about matters that inspire and comfort us. We have a tradition, as part of our holiday meal blessing, for each person to share what he or she is thankful for. We do our meal and we do football and music and we always have a fire that evening. My circle is a mix of leftists, righties, and everything that comes in between.

My favorite thinkers are the anarchists—not the faux anarchists who destroy others’ property and fascist style, insist you adopt their way of thinking or face severe punishment. No, my favorites are the real anarchists who are the only people in the country right now who recognize the danger in an ever-expanding bureaucracy with powers to snoop, confiscate, and dictate.

True anarchists do not believe in destruction—instead, they embrace a form of deconstruction with the idea that more freedom benefits all. True anarchists believe in voluntary exchanges and a market that is as free as possible.

That’s my take on Thanksgiving, well, that and the fact we should all be grateful to live in one of the freest countries on the planet.

Meanwhile, I plan to catch up on some of my reading in between other activities. I’m still plowing through William Shirer’s classic The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. It’s a book so densely packed with history and ideas I find myself doing research as I read it. The other night, I had to brush up on the civil war in Spain to fully appreciate the crises of those times. I’ll have part two of my series on that book up next week.

I also want to read more about Bitcoin, and it happens that Rebecca is very interested in that as well. She did a blog post at her new portal site about Bitcoin, and I hope to read that over the holiday.

Other than that, I’ll go ahead after Turkey Day and pop up my Christmas decorations, because once December gets here, I’ll have no time for anything other than getting around to different events, doing a little travel, and preparing for the big day.

I did a search as I was about to write this. Using the terms “talking politics at thanksgiving table”, I received more than 65 million results in 47 seconds.

What a worthless waste of pixels.

Media have no business telling Americans what to do about a national holiday meant for gratitude, family, and loved ones. Media in general have become as devalued as the flip phone I have in my cabinet. Maybe hash that over as you chow down on whatever you choose to come Thursday.

I wish all a happy Thanksgiving, and I look forward to writing more about the arts once this holiday passes.

Be safe, be happy, and be judicious as you celebrate.

(Kay B. Day/Nov. 27, 2019)

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