Mystery-romance indie novel ‘Derelict’ added to Arts Market

Derelict by Rebecca Day
Image of ‘Derelict’ book cover courtesy of author.

The new mystery-romance novel ‘Derelict’ has been added to the Arts Market at Indie Art South as we continue to add items that readers might like. This novel was written by Rebecca Day, songwriter and frontwoman for The Crazy Daysies. Rebecca, as many readers already know, is my daughter.

The novel that surprised me is now surprising her. Why?

Photo courtesy Rebecca Day Music/the Crazy Daysies
Photo courtesy Rebecca Day Music/the Crazy Daysies

Times have changed for authors. In the old days, you had to go through a process that started with writing and revising, progressed to submitting to agents and/or publishers, and ended with you the author on tour, print book in hand. Now you write your book, upload it to the print on demand publisher of your choice, and release it as an e-book and print book. You can do a book tour. Or not. In the old days, the contract you signed with a publisher usually required you to do something to advance sales, whether that was doing book signings or promoting your work by speaking to groups and such.

Rebecca has done this her own way, from start to finish. She wrote the book as a release of sorts—in the wee hours after shows or in free time between shows, songwriting, recording, and managing and promoting her music business. The e-book came out first, followed by the print edition. She did very little promoting of the book other than to announce it on her Facebook page.

Thus far, it’s been an interesting journey for Rebecca and her novel. The novel is mystery-romance, with a charismatic lead female character, a dark mystery, and a love story all wrapped up together. Just yesterday, she saw some sales of her book in Australia. Then my husband came home and told her a co-worker had seen the novel on Amazon, as a recommendation alongside other mystery-romance books. The co-worker asked my husband if he knew this Rebecca Day, and he was only too proud to tell her, “That’s my daughter.”

Now I’m adding her book to the Arts Market here as part of an effort to place products that, if people buy them, can help me continue to publish Indie Arts South. At present, I’m absorbing all costs related to hosting, software, computers, phone, Internet access, local business license ($61.25 every year), and anything else required to keep the site online.

I made the choice to avoid placing third party ads here for now. I am distrustful about privacy when it comes to some third party setups, and my past experience at another site with ads from dominant search engines was less than positive. I am at present seeking products to sell here, and have another lined up to add ahead of the holiday season.

Rebecca’s novel surprised all of us. As a writer, I understood the commitment of time it took to get the book finished. As the holidays approach, consider purchasing indie arts products, whether they’re on a site like this or on an artist’s site. Please patronize small businesses, as they struggle today with all manner of challenges. Keep an eye on our Arts Market as we add new products, and even if you don’t buy one, consider a small ‘tip’ to help us continue to publish.

Because of the giveaway stance most publishers adopted early on when the Internet was in its infancy, small publishers face the challenge of doing something we love while at the same time wondering how the heck we’re going to keep the lights on.

Take a look at our Arts Market page, and do keep reading and sharing our stories!

(Kay B. Day/Nov. 14, 2019)

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