Does Florida have a shot at an Alan Jackson concert?

Image from Facebook page @officialalanjackson
Image from Facebook page @officialalanjackson

Country music legend Alan Jackson has announced the cities where he’ll perform for his 2020 tour. Jackson has included cities like Atlanta. That stands to reason because he was born in Georgia. He’s also included Columbia, SC. What top state is missing completely?

Florida. Jackson hasn’t set a date for a single city in The Sunshine State. This is personally ironic.

I rarely go to concerts. I don’t like large crowds. I do go to concerts if the performer is a favorite of mine, though. I would definitely go to hear Jackson. His song about 9/11—“Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning”—is my favorite about that tragic day. I also have one of his gospel albums, and it is a favorite because it is the music I heard in church as a child. Now the music I hear when I go to church is not only eminently forgettable, it is hard for the congregation to sing. We lost so much when churches abandoned traditional music.

The official announcement about Jackson’s tour is posted on his website, and there’s hope for Florida and other states too because the release says tour dates are still being added. It also looks like special guests will join Jackson at some venues:

“In addition to other special guests, many of the tour stops will showcase some of Jackson’s favorite rising stars who play at AJ’s Good Time Bar, his self-owned honky-tonk on downtown Nashville’s famed “Lower Broadway.” Jackson has a long history of giving new talent their first chances to perform in front of arena-size crowds – artists who’ve been on one of their “first big tours” with Alan include Brad Paisley, LeAnn Rimes, Sara Evans, Chris Young and, more recently, Jon Pardi and Lauren Alaina.”

Jackson’s music is a favorite in my family; we’ve listened to him for years. Back in the day, Jackson was an unknown when his wife, a flight attendant, encountered Glen Campbell at the Nashville airport. Campbell gave her his business card, and it was that connection that led to Jackson’s big break. When Campbell died, Jackson recounted that influence in an interview with The Boot.

Jackson worked in a mail room and also in construction before earning his success in music. His story can be an inspiration to any musician hoping to get to the next level.

I hope Jackson does set a tour date in Florida—North Florida would, in my opinion, be very receptive to a performance. We’ll keep an eye on his Facebook page in hopes a venue closer to home is selected. Jackson’s tour kicks off in Cincinnati (OH) on January 10, 2020.

(Kay B. Day/Nov. 8, 2019)

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