Live music saved the night—literally—as Billy Buchanan saved a life in Florida

image of Billy Buchanan from Facebook public page
Image of Billy Buchanan from Facebook public page @billybmusic.

If you’re a traveling musician, your stories are probably legion once you’ve done this for a few years. Jacksonville (FL) musician Billy Buchanan has one to top them all. Live music literally saved the night, and a life, on Saturday at The Villages in Sumter County, Florida.

Buchanan, who performs with a band and solo, has one of those voices you don’t forget. His rendition of “When a Man Loves a Woman” evoked the magic of the original song by Percy Sledge. I saw Percy Sledge in person years ago, and I can tell you Buchanan is the closest voice we have to the original. I could listen to him sing all night long.

During his show on Saturday, Buchanan noticed something didn’t look right. He told the story, accompanied by a photo of himself with the woman he helped in his own words on his Facebook page:

“This is Janey. I saved her life last night. LITERALLY. She started choking during dinner. And everyone was just staring at her. I looked her square in the eye and asked her if she was really choking. She nodded her head yes, and I immediately started doing the Heimlich maneuver on her (I learned how to do it like 30 years ago!). The food that was stuck in her throat came flying out of her mouth. And then she was all better. She called me her hero 🦸‍♂️ ❤️. Glad I could help.”

Buchanan is an in-demand showman, performing all over the place and lighting up the stage with astounding vocals. He’s about to leave to do a two month residency with Legends in Concert in Branson, Missouri, a world- renowned location for great music and performances.

Buchanan will have a tale to tell as long as he lives, about the night live music and he saved the night and a life for a grateful fan.

Hat tip to the awesome talent and compassion of Billy Buchanan.

Thanks to Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) for sharing news about her fellow musician’s incredible act.

(Kay B. Day/Oct. 21, 2019)

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