Chris Young pleased packed house, but disappointment over ‘Neon’

Chris Young, Lo Cash, Chris Janson concert Sept. 12 2019 Daily's Place Jax, FL
The concert featuring Chris Young as headliner with guests Lo Cash and Chris Janson drew a packed house on Sept. 12, 2019 at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. (Photo: Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies)

Chris Young, his opening act LOCASH, and second act performer Chris Janson delivered a crowd pleasing concert in Jacksonville (FL) at Daily’s Place on Thursday, September 12. Amid delight over the great music, there was some disappointment. If you asked a fan of Chris Young which song is probably the most well known, it would likely be “Neon”, from the album of the same name. 

Rebecca Day (left), Dad, and Jenn Day Thompson (right)
Rebecca Day (left) and Jenn Day Thompson (right) attended the Chris Young concert with their dad. (Photo: The Crazy Daysies)

My crew—both Jenn and Rebecca and my husband—went to see the concert. My husband described how Jenn stayed glued to her seat when the concert ended. “They were starting to tear down and she just kept saying, ‘He’s gonna sing it, I know he is.’”

Didn’t happen. Young didn’t perform “Neon.”

Jenn did like the concert overall though. She said the fact Young didn’t sing that song was “unbelievable,” but he did deliver the goods otherwise.

“Chris Young has classic, deep country voice,” Jenn said. “He sang a new song—a ballad, “Missing You Comes in Waves,” about losing someone you love. He wrote it for a buddy he lost. The first time I heard it, I cried because it made me think of Tara.”

Tara was Jennifer’s best friend from college in Florida. Rarely does a day go by that we don’t think of her in our family.

All three in my family said the concert was fantastic, and they were pleased with all the musicians. Chris Janson got the most enthusiasm. Jenn said, “From the moment Chris Janson walked out onto the stage, it seemed like you knew him. Made it so personal. Just himself having fun. He stole the show.”

Jenn’s still not over her favorite song by Young being omitted, though. Rebecca said her sister ranted about it in the bathroom where Rebecca had serious trouble with the paper towel dispenser after her phone fell into the toilet. That happened after Rebecca had trouble with the metal detector as she entered the venue because her jacket had lots of metal and so did her bling. Not to be outdone by Young’s decision on “Neon,” Jenn streamed it in the car on their way home. Those Day girls.😊

(Kay B. Day/Sept. 13, 2019)

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