Bands set for Celebration of Mike Hamilton’s life in N. Florida

Band list for Celebration of Life for Mike Hamilton
Banner credit Melissa Smith

Managing musicians can be, to quote an old adage, like herding cats. One thing that’s sure to unite them is love, and that’s how the Celebration of Mike Hamilton’s life came about.

After Mike passed, and after the initial shock, his partner and friend Crystallea Monroe began to organize a gathering for the North Florida music community to honor an artist who gave so generously to all. The Celebration is set for Sunday, Oct. 6, at 1904 Music Hall in downtown Jacksonville (FL) from 3 PM until 9 PM. American Hearts Radio will film the celebration live. Crystallea has announced the lineup for the event.

The schedule for the bands is set:

Chaos 3:30 -4

Lift 4:30- 5

Wildfire Rising 5:30 -6

Retro  6:30 -7 (Formally known as AD HD)

Suffering Overload 7:30- 8

Crystallea & Wait Till Friday 8:30 -9
(Closing with “Man in A Box”)

One musician Mike often spoke of and praised was Melissa Smith. Melissa has done banners for the fundraiser to help Mike’s family and for the Celebration.

Rebecca Day with Mike Hamilton Nov. 2018
Rebecca Day (left) on her wedding day in 2018 with photographer and friend Mike Hamilton. (Credit: This Guy Multimedia)

Last week I was at Ragtime Tavern, and the moment I walked in, I filled up with emotion because Mike really enjoyed that place. Every time Rebecca performed there, he’d come out and take photos, and we’d talk about music and whatever else came into our minds.

Mike’s legacy will live on in the remarkable photographs he took, and in the hearts of every single musician whose path crossed his.

The fundraiser for Mike’s burial expenses is still ongoing. If you can contribute, I know his loved ones will appreciate it. Most of us don’t plan to lose someone who was as young as Mike, so this was unexpected to say the least.

The venue, 1904 Music Hall, is a super location for sound. Come out Oct. 6 and lift a glass to Mike.

(Kay B. Day/Sept. 30, 2019)

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