“Shelter” shared by S. Florida Country Music goes straight to IAS playlist

(Tour poster, Eleni Skiba and Jodi Gaines via @EleniSkibaMusic on Facebook)
(Tour poster, Eleni Skiba and Jodi Gaines via @EleniSkibaMusic on Facebook)

I’m building a Spotify playlist, Indie Art South Indie Selects. I’ve been wandering around Facebook and other sites in hopes of finding songs that stand out from the pack. My latest find is an original song titled “Shelter”. South Florida Country Music shared the song in a video featuring Jodi Gaines and Eleni Skiba. These talented musicians were new to me.

SFCM consistently features videos by the organization’s members. By way of disclosure, my daughters’ music has been featured there—that’s how I found out about SFCM. I’ve seen many videos I like there, both covers and originals. My Indie Selects list will only contain originals.

I played the song “Shelter” for my husband, and he liked it too. He’s harder to please than I am. We both loved the guitar and we both loved the feeling of exactly what the song’s title says—“Shelter”. That’s what love is in so many ways. The song is timeless, with appeal to all ages.

I don’t know very much about Jodi Gaines, but she has a page on Facebook where you can find upcoming shows and more information. Eleni Skiba also has a page on Facebook where you can learn more about her and her work as well as her summer tour. The duo’s tour is in full swing right now, and after places distant and near, will end up in Port St. Lucie, FL on Sept. 7.

What explains why a particular song touches you? I’m not sure about others, but for me it starts with the vocals. I like distinctive vocals, voices with timbre, and lyrics that explore the universal human condition. I’m not a fan of labels. I just like good music and my tastes are just as big a mixed bag as my personal life is. This song, in my opinion, has wide appeal. It’s accessible, and it gives the listener a welcome mat with that pleasing guitar score that offers a backstory of its own in terms of melody.

Hat tip to Gaines and Skiba for making my day. I listen to many songs by aspiring and performing musicians. Every now and then I find one that is so memorable I find myself humming it when I head outside to work in my little herb garden each afternoon. “Shelter” is one of those songs.

To see the video and hear the song, check it out on South Florida Country Music. If you like music, bookmark that site where upcoming events and new videos are posted on a regular basis.

(Kay B. Day/August 12, 2019)

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2 thoughts on ““Shelter” shared by S. Florida Country Music goes straight to IAS playlist”

  1. Wow! Just found this online and I am so extremely humbled that it touched you! Thank you so much for your support Kay!! ❤️ Jodi

    1. Always happy to shine a light on indie music, especially the good stuff. Thanks so much for your kind words. ~~KBD

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