SCM: Church single ‘Monsters’ reportedly to be released as single; perfect for the times

Country star Eric Church extended his Double Down tour because it's been so popular. (Snip: Facebook page @ericchurch)
Country star Eric Church extended his Double Down tour because it’s been so popular. (Snip: Facebook page @ericchurch)

Eric Church’s Double Down Tour is so successful, he’s extended it. Again. Via the website Saving Country Music, it looks like a song from his album released in late 2018, Desperate Man, will soon be released as a radio single. The song “Monsters” was new to me; I hadn’t heard it yet. After listening, I came to the conclusion now is a perfect time to release it.

The song revolves around a child’s fear of the dark, and those “monsters” many parents find creative ways to banish. The lyrics move from straight narration to a poetic image of monsters far more frightening than imaginary ones, and how the speaker in the song deals with both.

I like a lot of Church’s work, but I hadn’t heard this song. Saving Country Music featured the video in a review of “Monsters.” In the review, SCM wrote:

“If the most important element to a country song is telling a story and conveying an emotion, then “Monsters” most certainly qualifies. Unlike many of its peers in popular country, the song doesn’t forgo the third verse for another run through a canned and saccharine chorus. Co-written with Jeff Hyde, Eric Church creates a compelling, emotionally rich, and cross-generational moment that covers a lot of ground in just over three minutes. It’s also underpinned with a soft spoken Gospel component that ties the song to country’s roots…”

The song succeeds, in my opinion, because the fear addressed is common to all of us in one way or another, and although we pray to different deities in this great country, it’s the idea of a spiritual solution that, in my opinion, makes the song a great one.

Hat tip to Church and to Saving Country Music for highlighting the song “Monsters.” If the rumors are correct, you’ll soon be hearing it on radio.

The website The Boot has a list of upcoming dates and cities on Church’s ‘Double Down Tour’, but there are no Florida stops listed. That, as with everything these days, could change. Church’s Facebook page keeps fans in the ‘church choir’ updated on happenings.

(Kay B. Day/Aug. 7, 2019)

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