Swift blowup: Scooter Brown backlash case of mistaken identity

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Pop star Taylor Swift’s recent blowup over the sale of the label her first albums belong to made national headlines. Swift held nothing back in complaining about the label sale although she’s now worth hundreds of millions of dollars partly because of that label. Swift targeted Scooter Braun, the man at the helm of the purchase of her label, for allegedly bullying her, among other reasons. Rising country star Scooter Brown had no idea what would come at him as a result of mistaken identity.

the real Scooter Brown, country music rising star
This is the real Scooter Brown, a rising country star, who bears no resemblance to Scooter Braun. (Image: @ScooterBrownBND on Twitter)

Brown’s star is currently on the rise, but he isn’t a household word. And the similarity between the names—Scooter Brown and Scooter Braun—proved a challenge for social media trolls and apparently certain major search engines. For instance, when you input “Scooter Brown” into the dominant search engine, atop the ‘algorithmed’ results is a question:

“Did you mean scooter braun?”

Saving Country Music summed up the situation:

“Scooter Brown of the country and Southern Rock outfit the Scooter Brown Band appreciates your passion, Swifties. But he is not the droid you’re looking for. So please stop sending him wishes that his penis fall off and his kids go blind, because he’s got no business with that dude Taylor Swift is beefing with at the moment.”

It doesn’t help when you do a search of the Twitter cesspool and find Brown and Braun right next to each other in the results.

If you know any Swift fans, clue them in on the Brown v Braun fiasco. And continue to send sympathetic messages to Ms. Swift who, by many accounts, has earned as much as $1 million a day after, in my opinion, successfully gaming country charts in order to gain pop star status. Nothing like chowing down on the hand that fed you, right?

(Kay B. Day/July 9, 2019)

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