‘Indigenous’ author Reeser tapped for ‘Louisiana Poet Laureate Presents’ event

Poet and author Jennifer Reeser has been tapped by the Louisiana Book Festival to present her new book ‘Indigenous’ during ‘The Louisiana Poet Laureate Presents’ event. Reeser will be there on November 2 for the event in the state capitol complex in Baton Rouge. Approximately 24,000 people are expected to attend.

Jennifer Reeser
Poet Jennifer Reeser (used with permission)

I’m currently reading Reeser’s book and will soon do a writeup here at Indie Art South. Several articles on Reeser’s work are archived here. I’ve read Reeser’s work for years and have never been disappointed—she is versatile and unpredictable. When I read her poems, I never know how they’ll end. The ending always is a beginning for me, because she sets me on my own journey. I like that kind of poetry.

Also of note at the festival is a former professor of mine, Tim Gautreaux. He was an early influence on my own writing, and an incredible professor. Gautreaux’s writing is spellbinding. I recall some years ago when my publisher had arranged for me to participate in a regional book festival and Gautreaux and I ended up sitting at tables side by side to sign books. I literally freaked out—I hadn’t seen him since I was in college.

You can learn more about Jennifer Reeser at her website where many links to her poems and reviews of her work are provided. Reeser’s poetry is an astounding blend of narrative, lyricism, and exquisite form. Personally speaking, I’d nominate her for US Poet Laureate if I could.

See more about the Louisiana Book Festival at the organization’s website and at Festival.net.

(Kay B. Day/July 10, 2019)

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