Crazy Daysies get top pick of week at Music Mafia Radio

Crazy Daysies Jennifer Day Thompson and Rebecca Day

Music Mafia Radio’s Rick Landstrom has selected Rebecca Day and The Crazy Daysies as Pick of the Week. On Monday’s Live Top 30 Countdown show, the pick will be announced.

Crazy Daysies pick of the week at Music Mafia Radio--snipped from MMR website

In late June we were traveling and we managed to catch the ISSA Hour when the Daysies’ music was introduced to the Music Mafia “familia.” We were thrilled at the response to the girls’ original songs. We were all huddled around my phone in my elderly mother’s living room in upstate South Carolina. It struck me we were doing what people did before TV—gathering around a radio to listen to a show. Admittedly, my phone is a lot smaller than those radios of yore.

In an email Fiddy (Jenny Stephenson) sent to Rebecca, she explained how tonight’s show works:

“Rick announces his pick on our Live Top 30 Countdown show on Monday nights…the countdown starts at 8 pm EST, and Rick announces his pick between #6 and #5 on the countdown, which is normally somewhere between 9:15-9:45 pm.”

The Music Mafia Radio site also has a chat room going on during the show, and fans can weigh in.

Right after the show, Rebecca Day and The Crazy Daysies will be added to the new Top 30 poll. The poll is posted on MMR’s Facebook page, Twitter, and website. Share the link and vote for your favorites!

Anytime the Daysies get air play, we are thrilled. Hopefully, you can tune in and don’t just listen to their music, listen to music by other indie artists. We listened to the whole show in June and really enjoyed the different voices and genres.

So tune in tonight and catch the Daysies! You can listen directly at the Music Mafia Radio website.

You can also hear some Daysie music live this week in Atlantic Beach (FL) at Ragtime Tavern Seafood and Grille and the Palace Saloon in Fernandina Beach (FL). On Saturday, they do a show for a private event here in Jacksonville.

(Kay B. Day/July 8, 2019)

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