FBI comes clean about Big Foot after 42 years

Pikes Peak Hwy sign Bigfoot Crossing

Big Foot, also known as Sasquatch, has been the subject of an FBI “investigation”—sort of. So many claims have been made about this ape-like creature who allegedly roams not only the dreams of imaginative children but also the wilderness in the northwestern area of the United States. Big Foot never quite caught my imagination, but he certainly has drawn attention from bloggers, indie documentary makers, and dedicated sleuths like Peter C. Byrne. It was a letter from Mr. Byrne that sparked a closer look at Bigfoot from the FBI, and the federal law enforcement agency delivered hard results the government is now sharing with all of us. There were “15 hairs attached to a tiny piece of skin.”

Pikes Peak Hwy sign Bigfoot CrossingIn November, 1976, Byrne sent the FBI a letter drafted on stationary for The Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition. Byrne told the agency about the hairs and asked that they be subjected to “a comparative analysis”. Believe it or not, the agency granted Byrne’s request. In 1975 one publication had already claimed the hairs had been examined by the FBI, and made an additional claim that the agency couldn’t identify the hairs as belonging to “that of any known creature on this continent.”

And you thought fake news was something new.

Turns out the hairs belonged to the deer family. The FBI, after 42 years, has come completely clean about Bigfoot and the curious can head over to the FBI Vault to read the Bigfoot related correspondence.

For the Bigfoot faithful, there’s even a portal on the Web aptly titled The Bigfoot Portal where you can read all manner of information and news about the mythic creature.

Is there a grain of truth in stories about sightings of the giant wilderness wanderer? I have no idea. I do know this, though. On occasion, if you’re in the wild away from lights and the noise pollution of the city, you may see strange things. This happened to me once in a forest in South Carolina. It had nothing to do with Bigfoot, but I saw something (and there was another person who witnessed it) that, to this day, I cannot know exactly what I saw.

While many are having a field day on Twitter laughing about the Bigfoot story, I’m thinking if the FBI agreed to test those hairs, maybe they’re a little more curious than they have let on. At any rate, it’s good the agency so embroiled in politics these days has finally come clean about an American legend, real or not.

[Image of Bigfoot Crossing sign on Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado from Gnashes 30 [License link]

(Kay B Day/June 6, 2019)

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