David Spade gives late night talkie fans a new option: ‘Lights Out’

Long ago I stopped watching standard late night talk shows. They’re all the same—silly skits and political hit job jokes. I’m thinking Colbert never got over his sister’s loss in a congressional race. Now there’s a new option for the 11:30 time spot. David Spade’s new late night talkie launches Monday, July 29, on Comedy Central at 11:30 p.m. Will Spade follow suit in the political comedy sphere, or will he do something different?

David Spade new show teaser snip/YouTube
Image: Still shot from trailer for ‘Lights Out’, David Spade’s new late night talk show on Comedy Central.

Based on interviews Spade has done with various media, it looks like he won’t be obsessed with the political sphere as other current talkie hosts are. The Daily Mail featured an interview with Spade, including this:

“[T]he 54-year-old Emmy and Golden Globe nominee is adamant that viewers will be served laughter and skits, rather than examine the ‘shock value’ of the political landscape.”

Spade brings a wealth of talent and experience to the show, including film and TV roles. Joe Dirt 2 has been streamed more than 5 million times, according to Spade’s official bio. Spade’s character on the small screen in the series Rules of Engagement delivered a laugh a minute, and he was part of Saturday Night Live when that show was still laugh out loud funny.

At present most late night talk shows comprise jokes and satire directed at one side of the political aisle. It didn’t used to be that way, but the 90s changed the culture so drastically that many young people don’t realize comedy used to be pretty evenly distributed when it came to snark. I think personal matters tanked some comics. David Letterman’s womanizing confessions made it hard to take seriously  any criticism he delivered to others on the topic.

Stephen Colbert who hails from my home state and was born with a comfy silver spoon was, I think, irretrievably damaged when his sister lost her congressional race to a Republican whose own womanizing habits made national news. You can’t make this stuff up. Maybe his obsessive anger towards one political party serves as revenge of sorts.

Spade has a naturally snarky manner and his experience with standup should serve him well in off the cuff moments that arise in his interviews with celebs and others who come on the show as guests.

I’ll tune in to see what’s up. I’ve tried to watch some of the late night talkies, but they all look alike to me when it comes to material. I’m hoping Spade will succeed in trying to do something different for those of us who like a laugh before we head to bed.

(Kay B. Day/June 18, 2019)

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