Reeser poetry and GOT novels on my summer list–how about yours?

I’m not sure why I do this, because I read during the year too, but as summer approaches, I come up with a reading list. Maybe it’s a holdover from my school days. This year my list is ambitious.

I’ve purchased Jennifer Reeser’s much-praised poetry collection Indigenous. I just purchased the 5-book bundle of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. I deliberately didn’t read the novels until the Game of Thrones series on TV began to come to a close, so I’ll read them now and do some commentary on the books in comparison to the series.

I was pleasantly surprised about something related to those novels.

Right now, Amazon has the bundle for sale for $29.97—it’s the paperback version. Prices like this combined with speedy delivery continue to nurture my love-hate relationship with Amazon. I ended up ordering Reeser’s Indigenous from the same company—it took only days for it to arrive. By way of transparency, I receive no benefits whatsoever from telling you about Amazon.

My family often teases me about my reading habits, mainly because I prefer a book in my hands to a screen. It’s a personal choice, and I think it just goes to the early love of books my mother nurtured in both her children.

I also plan to share thoughts on Reeser’s book. That won’t be hard. I already hold her in the highest regard as a poet and writer.

So check back frequently if you’re interested in my thoughts on these books. It’s likely I’ll read more than I’m noting here because I’m an impulse buyer when it comes to a good book I learn about.

What’s on your reading list, summer or otherwise?

(Kay B. Day/May 16, 2019)

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