Music entrepreneur founds first Bastiat society chapter in North Florida

A Jacksonville musician has established the first Bastiat Society chapter in North Florida to expand debate on free enterprise, property rights, sound money, and personal freedom.

Rebecca Day, the Jacksonville music entrepreneur who founded The Crazy Daysies band, is establishing the first ever chapter of the Bastiat Society in northern Florida. Day aims to create a resource for members to discuss and explore ideas about free enterprise, economics, and individual freedom. The Jacksonville Bastiat Society, currently the only active chapter in the state of Florida, will be part of a network of existing chapters spanning the globe, hosting more than 150 lectures, discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences annually in more than a dozen countries.

Rebecca Day The Crazy Daysies
Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) Image by Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia

Although Day didn’t study economics or business in depth in college, she has enjoyed studying these subjects in depth on her own time. After earning an associate degree, despite having a scholarship available, Day chose to start a small business. “My dad basically freaked out,” she said.

Hoping to give herself an edge, she took her dad’s advice and listened to tips from small business owners and others who worked in the corporate world. She now manages her band, markets her original music, and maintains an inventory of band-related merchandise. She has also founded her own publishing company.

Day soon established herself as a performer in music venues across the South, providing solo, duo, trio, and full band shows with bandmates like her sister Jennifer Day Thompson adding viola and vocals, and Wes Goode doing vocals and guitar. Drummer Chris Sands also participates. Day does much of the booking herself, but she is also represented by an established agency.

The young musician soon discovered the music was about far more than taking the stage to do what she loves. She had to cover her own marketing and promotion, and keep up with paperwork. She quickly learned about the impact of policy on business.

“Few musicians think of themselves as a business,” she said, “but if you do this fulltime, you’d better view it as a business unless you have a nice trust fund or other income to depend on.”

Since beginning her business, Day has performed across the South, from Texas over to stops along the East Coast. Sonorous Records, a Universal Music Group partner, released the sisters’ original song, “Cheers to Getting Sober.” Their songs have also been added to playlists at Songtradr and Spotify, and some have been used in programs and messaging by companies and organizations.

Day learned about Bastiat chapters, and was eager to start one in Florida because she was surprised there were no active chapters in one of the largest states in the nation. Although there were many opportunities in creative networking, she realized many of her fellow artists who operate small businesses didn’t have networks for discussing theory and policy that impact those small businesses daily.

To grow membership, Day is planning a salon—a gathering of people interested in discussing topics relevant to the society’s mission—and she’ll soon announce it on the Facebook Group she established for her chapter. The Bastiat Society will also add news on a page devoted to the Jacksonville chapter. Day will soon announce details about the salon.

The Bastiat Society is a program of the American Institute for Economic Research, an organization founded in 1933 as the first independent voice for sound economics in the United States. The society chapters don’t engage in partisan politics, focusing instead on philosophy and ideas related to sound mission principles.

“I’m very excited about this chapter,” Day said. “For one thing, it helps expand my own thinking and that will definitely benefit my art. I think so many of us focus too much on what makes us angry instead of trying to find solutions to problems.”

Day is also a member of BMI [Broadcast Music, Inc.] and the South Florida Country Music Association.

(News Release; Bastiat Society Jacksonville; posted May 20, 2019)

*Rebecca is the daughter of Indie Art South founder Kay B. Day

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