If fans agreed on one gripe about Episode 3 of Game of Thrones, it was the darkness. The Battle of Winterfell was awesome. Unfortunately, many of us had trouble seeing what was going on because of the way the episode was filmed. The screen was so dark it was hard to tell who was who and to see the faces of the White Walkers and wights. That’s one reason I wasn’t alone in missing one of my favorite musicians, a superstar, in the episode. This star isn’t the first to be featured in a cameo on the series.

As Winterfell faced an onslaught of White Walkers and wights, many of the wildlings and Dothrakis fell. The fallen became wights. If you’re confused about the difference between White Walkers and wights, The Insider featured a basic primer on the difference between them.

The superstar I mentioned is Chris Stapleton. One of my favorite musicians was cast in a cameo—he played a wildling. He fell. Stapleton’s wife placed a post on social media, saying, “Episode 3… my wildling is a white walker.” I think Stapleton actually became a wight, but that’s a minor quibble.

The Independent has an image of Stapleton lying on the ground before he morphs into a wight.

Stapleton isn’t the first celeb to be featured in the series, and other series have featured celebs in episodes. I still can’t believe I didn’t realize that was Stapleton, but the screen was, as I have said earlier, very dark.

Ed Sheeran has been featured in GOT, and Coldplay’s drummer also appeared in a cameo. Sheeran took a lot of heat for his cameo—I don’t understand why, but fans are a motley bunch. Sheeran met a very unpleasant fate but he met it off camera in a later episode.

Game of Thrones is one of the very few series I’ve watched consistently on TV. I’m notorious in my inner circle for turning TVs off (unless there’s college football or basketball). Series like GOT, however, are worth my time.

I’ll be tuning in for the last few episodes of the series that lasted 8 years. On the HBO website, there’s a photo of many of the young actors who play key roles. It’s spellbinding to look at them then and compare them to now—they looked so young in that first season.

I do hope the remaining episodes enable visibility for the viewer. I theorized the creatives behind GOT wanted the viewer immersed in the battle, feeling the confusion the warriors must have felt amid the chaos. What those creatives need to know is that we don’t want to be immersed in it–we really just want to see what the hell is going on.

I guess we should pay close attention as this series winds down. Who knows what celebs we’ll see as the Iron Throne hangs in the balance? That aside, I am sincerely hoping Cersei Lannister gets what she deserves—I’d love to see Arya go for two on that note now that our fair (former) maiden warrior permanently dispatched the baddest White Walker in the land.

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Chris Stapleton (far right) did a cameo in the Battle of Winterfell
Chris Stapleton (far right) did a cameo in the Battle of Winterfell on Game of Thrones. (Image: @chrisstapletonofficial/Facebook)

(Kay B. Day/May 2, 2019)

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