Coming to Jax? Shop local arts and farmers’ markets

The image of the guitar on my piano is the photo I use for the Indie Art South Facebook page. I found the guitar at Jacksonville’s Riverside Arts Market one Saturday a couple years ago. My daughters were doing music there, and I had a great time looking at many different works of arts and crafts. Jacksonville is such a big city in terms of land area, it’d be hard to come up with a comprehensive list of all the local arts markets. I’ve settled for pointing out a few I’m familiar with.

handcrafted jewelry Hoby's
Handcrafted jewelry at very reasonable prices at Hoby’s.

I’ll start with a close-to-home favorite. Hoby’s Honey and General Store in located in Jacksonville’s Mandarin community. Hoby’s has farm to table produce products—honey, soaps, in-season vegetables, pickles, relishes, and sauces—but the locally owned shop also has handmade artworks. I’ve found earrings and metal sculptures there. If you visit Jacksonville, Hoby’s is a stop you will enjoy. The store operates with regular business hours posted on the Facebook page linked above.

Across the Buckman, the Orange Park Farmers’ and Arts Market runs September through June. The group’s Facebook page describes the market as comprising “over 100 vendors selling fresh, local produce and homemade crafts, live music and great food.” Dates the market is open are posted on the page.

There’s also a market the second Saturday of each month at First Christian Church on San Jose Blvd. Everything from homemade doggie treats to hand-crafted jewelry can be found at this market.

Most midsize to large southern cities have a standing farmers’ market, and Jacksonville is no exception. The Jacksonville Farmer’s Market on West Beaver Street is visited by more than 1 million people each year, according to the organization’s website.

The Beach Boulevard Flea Market is another biggie, self-described as “over 200,000 square feet of everything imaginable.” This market, operating for more than 2 decades, offers custom clothing, jewelry, and household items as well as food and grocery products.

The Riverside Arts Market, where we bought the guitar artwork, opens every Saturday from 10 am-3 pm. You’ll find everything from art works to food to live music at this one.

Every city has its treasures, and the Jacksonville area has treasures in abundance. When you need a gift or you’re looking for fresh produce and products, check out these markets. There’s nothing better than something that’s one of a kind.

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(Kay B. Day/May 31, 2019)

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