Brits one up US when it comes to Jenn Bostic’s soulful music

Vinyl "Revival" by Jenn Bostic
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I became a fan of Jenn Bostic by accident. I was reading Tweets one day and came across a post by a website named Belles and Gals. Belles and Gals is a UK-based country website. Bostic has a fan base in the UK—for her bluesy country music.

If you listen to her, you may, as I have, be wondering why her music isn’t playing widely on radio stations across the US. You may also be wondering why she doesn’t get more media attention. Fact is the UK has one-upped the US when it comes to her music and others’ as well.

In the US, country has edged gradually to country pop. That’s no secret. Here we have a corporate structure for musicians wanting to break in via a major label. Fortunately for those of us weary of cookie cutter songs retooling the same old themes, we also have an indie structure here in the US. Bostic’s album Revival was released on her own record label.

That isn’t a new concept. My daughters did the same thing with their last release.

As radio stations recycle the same songs ad nauseam, many of us turn to the Web for musical sustenance. If you spend some time on Bostic’s website, you’ll see why I was so hooked I added her song “Love You” to my set list page.

Bostic has been embraced by the Brits in a big kind of way. For the second year in a row, she received the International Touring Artist of the Year Award from the British Country Music Association. At present she’s in the middle of a US-dominated tour that also includes shows in Mexico.

She’s doing something else, though, and indie musicians might take note.

As part of her tour stops, Bostic will perform a concert online on Sunday, May 19, at 2 p.m. via STAGEIT, an online streaming service. She’s in good company—many long-established brands do the same thing. This is a perfect solution for those of us music lovers who don’t have Sunday football—hosting a concert party sounds like a great idea.

I listened yesterday to Bostic’s title song from her album Revival, after seeing a shoutout from Belles and Gals. Bostic’s voice is one of those voices you’d recognize after hearing her. Her voice has character and timbre, and her music has a rhythmical flow missing in many contemporary offerings labeled “country.”

Bostic is one to watch. Hopefully US radio stations and media will catch up to our Brit friends across the pond and give this vocalist the attention she most definitely deserves.

If you’re a fan, here’s a tip from a radio insider I interviewed. Call your favorite station and request her song. The insider swore to me that’s the most effective way to get someone on radio in the US.

To discover other indie artists, check out the Belles and Gals website.

You can follow Bostic on Twitter and Facebook.

(Kay B. Day/May 8, 2019)

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