Sisters Rebecca Day (left) on guitar and vocals and Jennifer Day Thompson on viola and vocals make up The Crazy Daysies. (Photo by Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia; used with permission)
Wes Goode, Rebecca Day, Jen Day-Thompson The Crazy Daysies
(L to R) Guitarist and vocalist Wes Goode, guitarist and vocalist Rebecca Day, and violist and vocalist Jen Day-Thompson do a selfie at their gig at the Green Turtle in Fernandina Beach. (Photo: The Crazy Daysies)

The Crazy Daysies kick off their summer Swampytonk Experience with a performance on the Riverfront Stage at the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival on May 5.

Instead of a typical tour most musicians do, this series of shows will highlight original music written by Jacksonville-based sisters Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson. The goal is to spread the word about their unique “swampytonk” sound most closely aligned with Americana music, and to have fun welcoming all those who want to come out and be part of something different.

Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies (Photo by Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia; used with permission)
Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies (Photo by Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia; used with permission)

“There’s nothing quite like performing live. It’s the biggest rush, and the biggest challenge. Taking a song I wrote and performing it in front of an audience is my favorite thing about being a musician,” said Rebecca. “We still do covers of course—we love to do those because everyone we sing for has a favorite song. But we’ve had such a great response to our original music, we want to share it more widely.”

At the Shrimp Festival performance in Fernandina, Rebecca and Jennifer will unveil new music, with guitarist and vocalist Wes Goode joining in to round out the trio. Some of the tour stops will be solo while others will be duo.

“We’re aiming for a mutual shared experience—welcoming listeners into our music,” Rebecca said.

The swampytonk songs seem to touch a chord with thousands of followers on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Others have taken note too, with Sonorous Records, a Universal Music Group partner, releasing the sisters’ original song, “Cheers to Getting Sober.” Their songs have also been added to playlists at Songtradr and Spotify.

Additional stops for the Swampytonk Experience include performances at Whiskey Jax (Baymeadows) in Jacksonville (FL) where Rebecca will do a solo show with Jennifer sitting in for some songs. Duo shows will be held at The Emerald Goat in Kingsland (GA), Marion Street Deli in Lake City (FL), Seven Bridges Brewery on Jacksonville’s Southside, and The Palace Saloon in Fernandina Beach (FL).

A special solo show by Rebecca as intermission performer takes place at the VIP Lounge at the Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach (FL) on August 29 for the Dan and Shay and Florida Georgia Line concert.

Jennifer Day Thompson/The Crazy Daysies (Photo: Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia; used with permission)
Jennifer Day Thompson/The Crazy Daysies (Photo: Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia; used with permission)

The sisters have several new songs in the final revision process, and once those are done, they’ll record them at Rockbot Studios in Jacksonville.

The last two years have been busy in personal and professional ways. Jennifer’s second child arrived in February and Rebecca got married in November, 2018. The sisters have done corporate events and festivals along the East Coast and as far away as Texas, and they perform in entertainment venues in a number of cities.

New shows will continue to be added throughout the summer.

The band comprises Jennifer on viola and vocals, Rebecca on guitar and vocals, and Wes Goode on guitar and vocals.  Solo, duo, and trio shows are part of the mix. Both sisters do music fulltime.

Rebecca is active on social media, and she has been featured on a number of websites such as American Eagle and Tropical Smoothie. She handles many of the bookings, and the band is also represented by Resort Talent.

For Rebecca and Jennifer, the Swampytonk Experience is part of their effort to cut through the noise and expand their original music.

“I get excited when someone hears one of our songs and asks who wrote it,” Jennifer said. “That’s probably the greatest compliment a songwriter can get from anyone.”

Not long ago a supporter posted on social media to let the sisters know she’d heard one of their songs on the radio.

The summer shows are a spiritual journey into music for both sisters. “When one of our songs touches someone, it means the world to us,” Rebecca said. “It’s a reminder that although we’re all unique individuals, we have the basics of the human condition in common.”

*Photographs by Mike Hamilton/This Guy Multimedia; used with permission

(News Release/The Crazy Daysies; April 30, 2019)


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