Melody Trucks Band set to headline pre-Shrimp fest celebration at Green Turtle

Melody Trucks Band
scotch and water with lime
Photo/Indie Art South

The Green Turtle is a staple in Amelia Island entertainment, and the popular music venue is gearing up for a pre-Shrimp Festival celebration beginning Saturday, April 27.

In anticipation of the more than 100,000 people expected to head to Shrimp Fest, The Green Turtle kicks off the weekend before the festival with their first ever Turtle Jam Mini Fest. Melody Trucks and her band will headline this event. Trucks is part of the Trucks family music dynasty.

Scenic Amelia Island (Photo: Indie Art South)
Scenic Amelia Island (Photo: Indie Art South)

Melody Trucks is a vocalist and percussionist who is the daughter of Allman Brothers’ drummer Butch Trucks. Her band is based in Jacksonville. A bio on her official website said:

“Shane Platten on bass, West Brook on slide guitar and guitar, Shaun Taunton on drums, Isaac Corbitt on harp, Willis Gore on guitar, and Brady Clampitt on keys and guitar. Every member sings, every member writes, their style is influenced from many genres of music: from blues, to rock, to funk and soul – the Melody Trucks Band is a truly original, rock and roll family.”

You can see videos of the  band on the official Melody Trucks Band website.

The Green Turtle in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. Rebecca Day of The Crazy Daysies
Getting set up before a show at The Green Turtle in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. Rebecca Day of The Crazy Daysies. (Photo: Indie Art South)

An official announcement from The Green Turtle described this event as “a token of our appreciation to all local clientele and fellow service industry”, adding details about the celebration:

“The legendary Sam McDonald will kick things off at 1pm on our porch. We then welcome our local guys, Colored Sound, along side local artisans, crafts, lots of food, games and of course booze beginning at 4PM followed by The Melody Trucks Band, jammin’ on the stage, from 7pm – ? With other surprise artists and treats throughout the day/evening.”

I’m familiar with The Green Turtle; Rebecca, Jennifer, and their bandmates have played there including a duo show featuring Wes Goode and Rebecca this past week. I have a sneaky reason for liking the place besides the fact it’s a solid music venue—the bartenders always make me a perfect scotch and water.

More than 8 local artisans will be selling their crafts at the first ever MiniFest, and H & S Shrimp will be providing local shrimp all day long.

The weather looks to be fantastic, perfect for sitting in the spacious courtyard or deck. Personally, I think it was a great idea to usher in Amelia’s largest festival with a warm welcome and day of appreciation for patrons of the Tavern.

Melody Trucks Band
Facebook profile pic for the Melody Trucks Band (@MelodyTrucksBand)

(Kay B. Day/April 25, 2019)



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