Of late, the crazy hits home for the Daysies

Lonesome Ride Band at Carrie Clarke Day

Maybe it’s the Ides of March. Or maybe it’s the water. Of late, the crazy has really hit home with the Crazy Daysies. It’s a given that running a music business is a challenge that runs on adrenalin. We have that in droves right about now.

sign for Rebecca Day by SC artist Jan Plowden
South Carolina songwriter and artist Jan Plowden created a sign for Rebecca’s solo shows. Jan also did the sign for the band’s shows. (Photo used with permission/Jan Plowden)

For instance, late Sunday evening, Rebecca discovered her Paypal account appeared to have been hacked. Someone attempted to transfer a large sum of money exceeding the balance in her checking account. Without going into minutiae, I can attest this was an issue that took roughly a day of her time and a day of my own. After multiple phone calls and not a small amount of research, we did get everything resolved. But if you’ve ever been placed on hold after hopping across multiple phone screens and prompts, and subsequently bumped around to different folks who had to go a level up to fix the problem, you understand how frustrating that sort of situation is.

I started my own week with liqueur scenting my kitchen at 7:45 Monday morning. I’d opened my freezer to grab a container of soup to thaw for lunch. I didn’t notice the small bottle that was leaning on the container, and it rolled onto the tile floor when I took the soup out. The cap broke—the bottle stayed intact. The bottle had been placed there by someone at a previous party. I kept meaning to throw it away. To get the smell of that blue goo out of the kitchen, I had to mop the floor. The bottle was tiny but the amount of liquid it held was unbelievable. I don’t see how people drink that stuff.

Rebecca Day at Carrie Clarke Day
Rebecca Day did a solo set for Carrie Clarke Day sponsored by the Historical Society of Orange Park. (Photo: IAS)

We’re in the aftermath of the delivery of our latest family member, Jen and David’s son. Dylan came two weeks early. All our well-laid plans went to hell in a handbasket. It was comical when I turned over my March calendar and saw Dylan’s due date circled with a heart I doodled in. We’d hoped for Jen to have a real maternity leave this go ‘round, but alas, music calls. Rebecca’s duo partner Wes has a major family event this coming weekend, so Jennifer will do the duo show at Brick Oven in Fleming Island on Saturday evening with Rebecca.

Weddings and other family matters are on the calendar, and it looks like a very busy summer and fall. Rebecca is working on a solo tour in the Southeast and I’ll travel with her. We’ll have details soon on that. We got a photo of the new solo sign Jan Lee Plowden created for Rebecca. Jan, who is talented in multiple art disciplines,  also did the sign for the Daysies.

At present, Rebecca and Jen have a combined total of around ten new songs more or less ready to record. Rebecca is already performing, “You’re a Hard Man to Please”—she says it’s about her “furson” Rusty, the dog she rescued years ago. I’ve been urging her to fine tune the Celtic song she wrote—hopefully that will be top of her to-do list when it comes to new songs.

Last Saturday some of us accompanied Rebecca to an event we enjoyed so much—Carrie Clarke Day, sponsored by the Historical Society of Orange Park. Jen’s daughter Kayla came with us, and she loved the park and the music. There were all sorts of exhibits and activities for children, and I also met a very nice member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (Sophia Fleming Chapter).  The society does a lot of volunteer work with veterans, sponsors scholarships and financial assistance for students, and provides support for “underserved children” to the tune of more than $1 million dollars. Those are the highlights—the society undertakes many missions. Also important to them is awareness of the US Constitution, the document safeguarding liberties and limiting government unlike any other document in the world.

Coming up on the Daysies’ future calendar are shows at The Brick Oven, a corporate event next week in Orlando, an exciting solo event for Rebecca in Ft. Lauderdale in late summer, and a trio show at the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival at Fernandina Beach in May.

Soon, you can also listen to the Daysies’ music via the podcast WhatsgoodJax.com. This is a really neat website and podcast I didn’t even know about until Rebecca told me they’d be playing some Daysies’ music.

The website County Fairs USA recently interviewed Rebecca, and we’ll let everyone know when that publishes.

Meanwhile we’re holding down the fort, hitting the roads (and trying to stay alive), and working hard on music. I doubt this week’s events are the end of our “crazy”, but for right now, things are relatively calm. Here’s hoping the last couple days of the Ides of March don’t upset our apple cart again.

Finally, many thanks to photographer Mike Hamilton at This Guy Multimedia for his untiring advocacy for indie musicians in our area. No way I could keep up with all this fellow does, but he is a true champion for the music community here. Hat tip.

~~Featured Photo: Lonesome Ride delivered toe-tapping bluegrass for Carrie Clarke Day sponsored by the Historical Society of Orange Park.

(Kay B. Day/March 13, 2019)




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