New release expands Jax arts to comedy: Meet Tez

Tez Brooks is one of the artists featured in the Year 33 Comedy Bash on March 16 in Jacksonville. (Flier for show)

Jacksonville has musicians of all types, a diverse poetry non-community, and enough visual artists to sink Noah’s Ark. What we don’t see a lot of in our midst are comics. Thing is, they’re there, and Tez Brooks, who was born in Jacksonville, has just released his new comedy special “I Can’t Breathe.”

Brooks' new comedy special 'I Can't Breathe' is now available on Amazon. (Still shot from trailer)
Tez Brooks’ new comedy special ‘I Can’t Breathe’ is now available on Amazon. (Still shot from trailer)

The 40-minute show is available on Amazon, where you can rent or purchase it, but you can also get the DVD.

Amazon has the trailer available. I watched it, and I plan to watch the whole show on Amazon once I’m back in the blogpit next week. I thought Brooks’ joke about Obama and Trump was hilarious—irreverent and stubbornly politically incorrect. He doesn’t seem to obsess about politics from a party standpoint, and that is refreshing. Sometimes comics sound like campaign volunteers—that is boring to me.

Brooks is also featured in an upcoming show on March 16 with shows at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. at 315 East Bay Street in Jacksonville (FL). Tickets for the Year 33 Comedy Bash featuring Brooks and other artists are $10 in advance and $20 at the door. Brooks has also performed at the Comedy Zone; he currently makes his home in Texas.

I learned about Tez Brooks by way of Jared Rush whose Third Man Entertainment has him flying all over the place of late, and Durden Godfrey, a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and all-around creative who consistently surprises me with his work.

On his Facebook page, Brooks had a past post that caught my eye. He captioned a post about t-shirts (#MoreRealThanFunny) with this:

“Trafficking shirts and jokes….”

I’m in hopes of interviewing him for a feature soon. The world would be a more tolerable place if we had more comics.

Featured Photo: Flier for the Year 33 Comedy Bash on March 16 featuring Brooks and other artists.

(Kay B. Day/March 14, 2019)




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