Fans still in the dark about Luke Perry’s condition after stroke allegations

Still shot from interview with Luke Perry. (Rachel Ray channel on YouTube)

Update March 4:
Sad to report Luke Perry has passed. Media are reporting he died today, and his publicist acknowledged Perry suffered a massive stroke. Sympathy to his loved ones. He was a major presence in the lives of many young people.

Original post dated March 1:

Fans are in the dark right now about TV/film star Luke Perry’s medical condition. On the last day of February, various media reports alleged that Perry had a stroke and is in a medically induced coma. His rep has offered some information, but it’s still not clear what really happened. Are media jumping the gun with clickbait reportage?

USA Today reported:

“Perry’s representative, Arnold Robinson, confirmed that the 52-year-old actor “is under observation at the hospital” but would not confirm the reason for his hospitalization. Robinson has since denied a TMZ story reporting the actor has been placed in a medically induced coma, telling the gossip site and The Hollywood Reporter that he’s merely sedated”

Perry had already done work in soap operas and TV productions before Beverly Hills, 90210 put him atop the dreamboat ladder. He played the role of Dylan McKay in that series. I first saw him in that series when I commanded my older daughter to turn the TV off because a young teen girl was liplocked with an actor (I think it was Perry), and it appeared he might give her an unintentional tonsillectomy.

My older daughter and her best friend did eventually get to tune in, and Perry was the heart throb for them and millions of other teen girls. I remember the girls wearing 90210 tennis shoes—the series was a gold mine for products marketed at youth.

Perry has a wide portfolio when it comes to acting and voiceovers, and I’ve enjoyed watching him from time to time in his later works. A number of original stars, excluding Perry, will star in an upcoming 90210 “reboot”, said USA Today.

Perry is only 52, and Radar Online reported the actor had “bad back problems” that were “surgically fixed” prior to the alleged stroke.

Perry currently plays the role of Fred Andrews in The CW series Riverdale.

Perry wasn’t born with a Tinseltown pedigree—he worked his way to fame. Here’s hoping he recovers quickly. In time, it’s a given an official statement will come forth, but for now, we remain in the dark about what happened.Those reports of a “massive stroke” just may be overblown.

You can catch an interview Rachel Ray did with Perry in 2017 about Riverdale.

(Kay B. Day/March 1, 2019)



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