‘Kill’ film produced in Jax gets more showings as ‘Walking Dead’ news emerges

Jay Woodley, FX artist

Filmmakers involved in the movie I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday just keep getting good news. After sold-out showings in Jacksonville, the filmmakers strategized for a world tour. New dates are being added for screenings in other states. Amid the excitement for director Durden Godfrey and others involved, good news emerged related to the hit series The Walking Dead

Jared Rush, Jay Woodley on set of 'I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday'
Jared Rush, with Third Man Entertainment, with client Jay Woodley on the set of the film ‘I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday.’ (used with permission)

Jared Rush of Third Man Entertainment shared a tidbit with me by phone on Wednesday. We were talking about another of his projects when he dropped some news about Jay Woodley, the FX (special effects) artist on ‘Kill.’ In Jared’s own words:

“On the Last day of Principle Photography for I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday our FX Artist, my client Jay Woodley, received a call that he will be a background actor on The Walking Dead and after 2 years of being on set and his scenes being cut, he was recently seen in the opening scene for Season 9 Episode 9.”

Meanwhile, four more states have been added to the list of film showings for ‘Kill’:

2/28 – Kill Tour – Clarkston GA
3/2 – Kill Tour – Ocala
4/5 – Kill Tour – New Orleans
4/26 – Kill Tour – Houston TX

You can keep up with news about I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday on their Facebook page.

Hat tip to Woodley and to the filmmakers for helping put Jacksonville on the map as a city of creatives. That is our least-told story, but I’ve met tons of creatives in this city and they’re working in many different fields. You’d think corporate media would pay more attention.

(Kay B. Day/Feb. 21, 2019)

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