Jax and Florida media clueless about major film with Gunboat Diplomats’ song

Gunboat Diplomats Crazy About You

Media in Jacksonville and Florida in general are a sleepy bunch, especially when it comes to the arts. One major accomplishment has apparently escaped media attention. Jacksonville Beach recording group The Gunboat Diplomats’ song “Crazy About You” is included in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film Glass. I had to laugh after an email exchange with one of the Diplomats because he shared that news with me as an afterthought. 

Modesty is commendable. These recording artists—that’s what they focus on—are most definitely modest. When I praised them for landing that tune in the film, Gunboat Keith just let it roll off his back and cautioned they had no idea how much of the song would be used.

I didn’t care about that. For crying out loud, just getting a song into that film is a very big deal.

I read at the Gunboat Diplomats’ site when I can—it’s always funny, and for musicians, they’re pretty literate compared to many others. So today I find this, and I am as happy as if the song was my own:

“And how did “Crazy About You” fit into the picture? We can reveal which short scene it’s in without giving away any plot spoilers. At ten or fifteen minutes into the film, as director M. Night (we’re on a first initial and middle name basis with him) makes one of his signature cameo appearances in the movie during a scene in a retail establishment, if you listen closely you can discern the faint sound of “Crazy About You” wafting softly in the background as the “in store” music. (In terms of how the music would be used, we thought that it might be in the background on the radio at some point, but didn’t realize that what was in store would literally be “in store.”)”

Now I happen to know media of all sorts do read this column. So what are you waiting on? These recording artists are talented, interesting, irreverent, and now have a song in a major motion picture. They’re doing something different. Used to be that was fodder for an interview.

The Gunboat Diplomats are long overdue for an interview. They already get quite a lot of press on the Web.

Haven’t I told you before how talented they are? Go get some of their music. And no, no one paid me to write this. The Gunboat artists don’t even know I’m writing it.

You can read the essay about the song and other works by Gunboat Diplomats at their Web site. The group also has a page on Facebook.

(Kay B. Day/Feb. 20, 2019)


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