Super Blood Wolf Moon is coming in all its glory past and present

supermoon lunar eclipse 2015

Does the moon inspire you? If so, Sunday evening into Monday should send your imagination soaring. Late Sunday evening into the wee hours of Monday, a total lunar eclipse will occur. The moon will appear to be red.  Many of us in the US, barring clouds, will be able to see it. The January moon is popularly called the wolf moon. Thus, we have a Super Blood Wolf Moon. Do people really get a little crazy when natural phenomena like this occur? 

My mom worked in the emergency room of a large hospital. She and others in that arena often made jokes about increases in bizarre injuries when there was a regular full moon. Various studies say there’s no link between human behavior and the full moon.

My ancestors were into the moon big time. They had their own moon god until the Romans conquered them. The moon figured significantly into the Celts’ calendar and lives, and they believed eclipses related to fertility. These beliefs led to associating eclipses with rabbits and hares.

We use the term wolf moon possibly because of some American Indian tribes or early colonials’ beliefs. Reportedly the term arose because wolves howled outside villages at that time of year.

On the East coast, we should see things start to get interesting on Sunday around 9:36 PM, but the full show won’t be spectacular until shortly after midnight. has a handy chart showing viewing times for different areas.

Personally speaking, the moon has always fascinated me. As a child, I loved to watch the night sky from my bedroom window. As an adult, I often wander outside at night just to look at the sky, and if there’s a big bright moon, it delights me. Maybe there’s some whispering going on from my ancient ancestors. Cultures dating to antiquity have made much of lunar phases and eclipses.

In the 1800s, there were even scientists who believed there were cities on the moon.

NBC Sports has a novel theory about why this super blood wolf moon might be a good omen for the Patriots’ game against the Chiefs on Sunday. I’m not sure about that, but I am sure I will be outside at some point to track the moon’s ‘journey’ into the shadows to show up big, bright, and red in the night sky. I guarantee you I will come away creatively inspired.

(Kay B. Day/Jan. 18, 2019)


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