How can Dwight Yoakam leave the Sunshine State off his tour?

The website Saving Country Music said Dwight Yoakam is heading off on tour in 2019. The website said they have “hard confirmation” about this matter. What I don’t understand is why there isn’t anything scheduled in Florida.

SCM said there’d probably be more dates added. I hope so.

If anyone does country right, that would be Yoakam. Not only is Yoakam a talented actor (Sling Blade), his voice and style comprise the essence of traditional country.

Yoakam also has a show on Sirius XM radio (channel 349). You can keep up with programs posted on his official Facebook page.

I don’t like concerts in big venues, but I’d be willing to put my dislike aside if Yoakam came to Jacksonville.

Hopefully, Saving Country Music is right about those additional dates.

Ed. Note: Image is partial screen snip from Yoakam’s Facebook page.

(Kay B. Day/Jan. 8, 2019)

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