Shania Twain joins critics of radio content

Shania Twain Now Tour poster
Shania Twain tour poster from her page:

If you read here at Indie Art South, you know how I feel about radio content. Regardless of genre, it all sounds the same to me. Country, pop, rock, and rap have all been homogenized in the interest of profit. That’s perfectly legal, but also perfectly boring. Now Shania Twain has added her voice to those of other high profile critics, although her focus is country. 

Wide Open Country recapped an interview Twain did with a media outlet. The country star said:

“We have too much of the sameness right now. I’m a little bit bored with it and I want to pick it up…”

WOC also quoted Sara Evans, and she hit on something near and dear to my heart, bemoaning the “lack of creativity and lyrical sophistication” in today’s country tunes.

The good news is that when things go dull, a new awakening usually follows. This applies to both art and politics currently joined at the hip in the US.

Twain both stars in and is executive producer of the new Real Country TV show on the USA network. The show comprises competition between three teams of performers with each team coached by a celebrity musician.

The benefit of milquetoast radio, at least for indie musicians, is that those of us bored with radio content can just pop in a CD in the car, or tune up our favorite selections on whatever device we store our music on.

Twain, Evans, and Miranda Lambert are but three voices calling for change in broadcast platforms. Maybe one day the powers that be will listen.

Stay informed about Twain’s ‘Shania Now World Tour’ by visiting her Facebook page.

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 6, 2018)

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