New Year’s resolution South Carolina should make and keep

traffic slowdown
flipped truck on highway
Flipped trucks aren’t uncommon on any highway these days. (IAS photo)

My family travels I 95 frequently for many reasons, ranging from family to business. It’s a chaotic highway demanding defensive driving for survival. When we head to South Carolina, there’s a section of the highway that requires triple defensive driving. The section of I 95 between Savannah and our turnoff to I 26 is two lanes on both sides. That doesn’t sound like a big deal. It is, and South Carolina’s government should make a New Year’s resolution to fix it. 

After driving north in heavy rain a few days earlier, we were returning from Carolina after a great visit with our families, and we hit that section of I95 in South Carolina three days before Christmas. This was an experience I would like to forget. Two lanes will not do the trick for the traffic on a good day. On a heavy travel day, those two lanes were a nightmare.

South Carolina Border marker
South Carolina has one of the nicest border markers, but the state needs to do some road work. (IAS photo)

For most of that leg of our journey, we traveled at horse and buggy rate. Not because of accidents. Just because those two lanes cannot handle the routine traffic on a busy day, much less on a holiday weekend.

It’s way past time for South Carolina, a state relying on tourism, to do something about that stretch of I 95. Getting across the Savannah River and to those three beautiful lanes in Georgia was the best gift we got on our return trip back to Jax. That return trip took us 9 hours instead of the customary 5 ½.

South Carolina should resolve to add an extra lane on that stretch of I 95, and get it done.

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 31, 2018)

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