Misty Posey releases ‘Moon, Oh Moon’, performs for ‘Celtic Christmas’ in Dallas

Photo of Misty Posey used with permission; still shot from video.
Photo of Misty Posey used with permission; still shot from video.

Misty Posey has released a new original, “Moon, Oh Moon”, and she’s aiming for more. In an email, she told me, “I am currently getting my recordings and artwork together for a full debut CD.” She’s doing this after selling out of her EPs at a Celtic-Renaissance festival. This week Posey will head to Dallas to a concert I’d love to hear. Posey will perform in two concerts on Dec. 7 and 8. “Celtic Christmas with the Selkie Girls and Friends” promises an evening of holiday sounds you can bet are honed to perfection. 

The first time I heard Posey’s classical voice, the word that immediately came to mind was ‘Celtic.’ I can easily imagine her music in a film featuring majestic landscapes and mountains. Posey is doing something few can do—performing her work in venues you might not expect to hear a classical voice at. Her voice is a wonderful vessel for those Christmas tunes we hear right now anywhere music is played.

My own heritage is Celtic, and I’ve always found music a great bridge to my ancestry.

Posey brought up something else in her email. Cars now don’t always come with a CD player. Will there be a decrease in CD sales because of this? It’s a concern because indie musicians rely on CD sales as part of their revenue mix.

I’m not sure. I do know I wouldn’t have a car without a CD player. Right now, even if you have all the digital bells and whistles, it’s complicated to play music without that CD player. We always preload CDs and then all you have to do is touch a single button to get your sounds.

Posey, who hails from Texas, is no doubt looking forward to a big 2019—she’s done many festivals this year and she’s a perfect fit for more to come. Visit her website and listen to her music, or check out her Facebook page. She’s also on Twitter. Give her music a listen. I especially like her take on Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”—that’s on her Facebook page in videos.

*Featured photo of concert poster for The Selkie Girls and Friends via @MistyPoseyMusic on Twitter.

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 3, 2018)

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