Gunboat Diplomats’ song picked for use in Shyamalan film ‘Glass’

Bruce Willis in Glass
Gunboat Diplomats Crazy About You
Jacksonville Beach recording group The Gunboat Diplomats’ song “Crazy About You” has been licensed for use in the upcoming Shyamalan film “Glass” starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

Indie Art South has followed recording group Gunboat Diplomats for quite some time, reporting favorably on their compositions. Now the Jacksonville Beach (FL) group has reasons to celebrate something besides Christmas. Keith Holmes, who does lead vocals on the song, “Crazy About You,” told IAS the song will be included in content for use in M. Night Shyamalan’s new film Glass.

Holmes isn’t shouting the news from the rooftops—he shared it as an aside in an email exchange in response to my mentioning song licensing opportunities. 

That modesty is typical of many talented artists who accomplish good things but who are more interested in moving on to the next project instead of puffing their own egos.

Holmes said he doesn’t know how much of the song will be used in the film—it was “licensed for use in Glass in some shape, manner, or form. It might just be a few seconds.”

That’s standard with placements—you don’t know what to expect until you see the final product.

The film will star James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, and it looks to be as fascinating as the other Shyamalan  films I’ve seen.

Gunboat Diplomats’ song “Crazy About You” is a rockabilly tune. Holmes calls it “a raucous little song,” and that’s appropriate. You can buy the digital track—“name your price”—from the group’s website. In a blogpost on the website, the group talks about the song:

“Our rockabilly song “Crazy About You” has been played on a variety of shows and stations, including KBJB (“home of the original artists”), Chasing The Essential, and Strange But Surf Radio (“stay strange, my friends”). The hybrid genre’s appeal is reflected in the label “rockabilly,” which is a portmanteau for the energy of early rock ‘n’ roll and the twang of old hillbilly music.”

Glass premieres in January, 2019, so we’ll have to wait to hear the song in the film. Meanwhile, kudos are in order for one of the most creative groups working in Florida. Getting your work included in a Shyamalan film is, as I told Holmes in my email, “huge”, and it’s an amazing accomplishment.

I’m hoping the Gunboat Diplomats’ schedule and my own will permit an in-person interview in early 2019. This group definitely deserves a full feature.

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 7, 2019)

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