Gunboat Diplomats recording group serves up Christmas cheer with new song

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Ok. I’m a sucker for a Christmas song. My daughters know this too well. I’m always bugging them to learn more Christmas songs. Sometimes they accommodate me, sometimes they don’t. So it made my day this morning to get an upbeat, kicking Christmas tune in my email from Gunboat Diplomats. 

Gunboat Diplomats Christmas Cheer
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This Jacksonville Beach recording group is one of the most versatile I know in terms of style, lyrics, and score. I never know what to expect when they come up with new music, and I am always intrigued by what they create.

The Gunboat Diplomats’ new tune “A Shot of Christmas Cheer” did not disappoint. From the high-spirited energy of the score to the clever lyrics, it’s a winner.  You can dance to this song too; that’s a double positive in my book. These lines in particular caught my ear:

“Suppose the host proposed a toast to the roast this holiday/ 
With smooth Grey Goose, a splash of juice, my kind of fowl play.”

My heritage is a blend of Christian and before that, pagan. I guess some of us just have all sorts of tokens meandering through our DNA, and maybe that’s why Christmas is such a special time for our families.

You can hear Gunboat Diplomats’ latest tune at their website, and you can buy the digital track or album there for what can only be described as the fairest price in the land. You can keep up with the group’s doings on their Facebook page too.

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(Kay B. Day/Dec. 5, 2018)

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