Georgia film fest taps Jacksonville’s Jared Rush for social director

Jared Rush (center), president and creator of Open Door Jax, with Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson (right).
Jared Rush (center), with Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson (right). (Photo used with permission)

Jared Rush, with Third Man Entertainment, is on the road (and in the air) a lot these days as he travels to places on behalf of an industry that’s a perfect fit for him. Rush is a familiar when it comes to local arts of any kind, from music to film to visual art.

Now the Mosaic Film Festival has tapped the Jacksonville native for social director ahead of the 2019 event.

The Mosaic Film Festival will be held March 15-16 at the Dekalb Conference Center in Clarkston, GA. Clarkston is close to Atlanta—around 20 minutes or so if you drive. Georgia has been aggressive in courting the film industry, with a daily newspaper citing revenues of $4 billion and roughly 23,000 jobs created as of 2013. The paper said The Walking Dead was filmed there.

The same article suggested the film industry has been receptive to Georgia’s courting, with the state providing up to 20 percent and more in tax breaks if certain goals were met:

“Companies that spend at least half a million on production or post-production receive a 20 percent tax credit, and an additional 10 percent is given to those who put a big peach promotional logo on their finished product.”

Rush is a significant mover and shaker in the film industry here in Jacksonville, with his latest hometown project a big success. Durden Godfrey’s indie film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday sold out the premiere and did a followup showing at a local theater. The showings here are being followed up with a world tour.

To learn more about submitting a film visit the Mosaic Atlanta page on Facebook—the ‘about’ page has the info. The festival also has a website on Weebly.

Rush just returned from the West Texas Film Festival.

It’s conceivable that indie musicians could find opportunities in these indie films who often need music that isn’t cost-prohibitive or whose use is restrained by various legal requirements.

(Kay B. Day/11-28-18)



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