Afternoon at Amelia Island, a postcard worthy place

Rebecca Day at Amelia Island Coffee
Rebecca had a special helper on Sunday at Amelia Island Coffee for her solo gig. (Photo Indie Art South)

Over the weekend, Rebecca performed solo at Amelia Island Coffee, a shop smack in the middle of the central district on the island. A group of us decided to head that way to spend the afternoon and maybe get in a little early Christmas shopping.

Amelia Island has always been one of my favorite places in Florida. The town is friendly, picturesque, and very accommodating to visitors. While she was setting up equipment and everyone in our party was getting settled, I strolled Centre Street.

There’s something there for everyone.

As I shopped, I encountered people from all over the world.

I spent some time in one of my favorite shops, Pineapple Patch.  I don’t know how long the shop has been there, but every time I visit the island, I go there first. I always find something for my granddaughter there, and the outfits are pretty unique. I also like their handbags. Some women buy shoes. I buy handbags. And books. There’s an amazing bookstore in this district–it actually smells like a real bookstore.

Gift shops and art shops, jewelry and souvenirs can all be found in the Centre Street district.

The Centre Street district is a great place to just stroll and people-watch. Benches are placed strategically on each block, so if you need to stop for a bit, those benches come in handy. I laughed aloud at a little boy I took to be about three years old or so tagging along behind his family. The boy held his arms up and asked, “Why can’t we just ‘wewax’? We need to ‘wewax’.”

carriage tour Amelia Island
Carriage tours are a great way to take in the Victorian homes and see the island. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Once Rebecca was set up, and it was time for her to start, I headed to the coffee shop. Amelia Island Coffee is a hub sort of place where people duck in and duck out or take a seat and listen to whoever is playing. We had a late lunch there, and everyone liked their sandwiches. I split a muffin with one of our party—apple cinnamon—and it was lovely. The coffee was excellent.

As Rebecca played tunes, we all took the music in and chatted. Jennifer got to take a break because the gig was solo–it’s rare that we get to have Jen at the table when Rebecca is playing.

I get to see a lot of places because I travel with the band frequently, but Amelia will always be one of the places I am happiest to visit. I’d live there if it was close to our daughters.

As I watched a carriage take people along a tour route, I thought what a nice postcard that would make if Christmas decorations were up. Around the Centre Street area there are many Victorian style houses that are lovely to look at and muse about. I kept trying to get a good photo of the horse and carriage, and as we left, my husband spotted it and pulled alongside so I could get my pic.

I did readings at book festivals on the island years ago, and I always enjoyed the eclectic crowd who came out.

All of us stayed for most of Rebecca’s performance, and as she packed up with some help from my granddaughter, I told her to please play at Amelia Island Coffee again. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon with friends and family, and we did indeed take time to, as that little fellow said, “wewax”.

Ed. Note: No benefits of any kind are derived from my writing about the places mentioned in this column.

(Kay B. Day/Nov. 20, 2018)

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