Via Twitter, a brutally honest and laugh-worthy bipartisan political ad

Twitter is a cesspool as I’ve often said, but there are nuggets mixed in with the slime. One such nugget surfaced today via James Woods’ account. Woods got it from a funny political site where dogs are the top stars. That site appears to have gotten it from YouTube. If this sounds entertaining, it is. All manner of celebs Tweet, and there’s plenty for politics groupies to enjoy regardless of your preferences.

Conservative Pets on Twitter snip
Conservative Pets on Twitter is one of the many political meme sites on that social media. (snip: @ConservativePTZ)

The video isn’t new; it seems to have been released in 2016. But if ever there was a video that served up truth about politics, the Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts 2016 ‘campaign ad’ does it admirably.

Woods is very active on Twitter, and he often brings attention to topics you might not otherwise hear about. Because of his acting talent and body of work( Emmy, Golden Globe, other awards), and the fact he’s that rare conservatarian or conservative (depending on your own views in assessing)  in entertainment, he stands out among the many who Tweet daily. We follow each other; I like to read his posts.

The funny political site featuring dogs is named Conservative Pets. It’s a meme site, but some of the photos are really cute and some of the memes are funny. A pinned Tweet solicits submissions:

“DM us your pet pics. No liberal pets please…”

Both sides of the aisle have their supporters. For instance, Ron Perlman (the 80s Beauty and the Beast star) spends a lot of time on politics on the opposite side of the aisle from Woods.

Celeb attorney Michael Avenatti, who is rumored to be considering vying for the Democrat nomination to run for president in 2020, runs heavy on memes criticizing or satirizing President Donald Trump. Some loyal Dems dismiss the idea Avenatti could win the nomination, but it’s undeniable the attorney has an impact on his party. A recent speech by former attorney general Eric Holder (Obama administration) echoed Avenatti’s meme on fighting Republicans. Avenatti came down on his fellow Democrat, popular senator Cory Booker, who is also rumored to have his eye on 2020:

“I have a lot of respect for @CoryBooker. But we have VERY different views as to how to solve the crisis of Donald Trump and the dumpster fire of his presidency. #FireWithFire #HitHarder #FightClub

Of all the political memes and videos I’ve seen, though, the Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts 2016 ‘campaign ad’ presents the brutal truth, and it’s a truth that dates to the beginning of politics thousands and thousands of years ago when primitive peoples either chose or capitulated to their leaders. The media have changed as far as being containers for messaging, but the messages—not so much. Politics truly is the world’s oldest profession.

(Kay B. Day/Oct. 11, 2018)


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