Loretta Lynn keeps on keeping on despite inaccurate news

Photo of Loretta Lynn’s childhood home in Kentucky. (Credit: HiB2Bornot2B)

Country music icon Loretta Lynn is recovering at home after what her daughter Peggy described as a “horrible stomach flu.” Lynn missed an awards ceremony in mid-October, and that led to all sorts of speculation among media. Lynn’s daughter had some advice for media. 

Peggy wrote on Facebook:

“She is home and doing nicely recovering. I so wished these news outlets would check their sources before running with gossip.”

Lynn has battled a stroke and a broken hip, making a recovery most people in their 80s wouldn’t be able to do.

Loretta Lynn’s music touched the hearts of millions of women, linked to a time when we had fewer options and when country music wasn’t as accessible as it is now. I remember my mother, who at the time was working in a cotton mill, listening to the small portable radio in our kitchen, and how my mom identified so much with themes in Lynn’s songs.

In particular, one of Lynn’s newest songs, depicts the damage of alcoholism on a marriage. “Wouldn’t It Be Great?” perfectly depicts the loneliness those who love an alcoholic feel, and the impact alcoholism has on family.

Lynn’s music is straight out of the rural South, addressing hardship and determination, striking a chord with many of our greatest generation who struggled to survive. A photo of her childhood home, taken by a contributor at Wikipedia named HiB2Bornot2B and placed here as the feature photo, is so similar to homes many of us visited if we grew up in the South.

I hope Ms.  Lynn enjoys a full recovery. She’s still singing, still keeping on keeping on, and regardless of your taste in music, it’s impossible to ignore her talent and her impact as one of the most influential forces in country music as that genre evolved.

(Kay B. Day/Oct. 26, 2018)

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