Brouhaha takes actor from ‘Cosby Show’ to bagging groceries to new acting gig

Geoffrey Owens

Lots of us watched ‘The Cosby Show’ with our family, and we loved it. The Huxtable family was all-American. The messaging was pro-family. So when I saw news trending recently about actor Geoffrey Owens, I wondered what it was about. I found a brouhaha going, with a story Fox News did at the center. 

It happened that a woman saw Owens working. Not in show biz, but at Trader Joe’s. She snapped a photo. Not the kind of photo anyone in the public eye likes—if you look at it, he was surprised. Maybe I’m vain, but I really don’t like people taking my photo without asking me.

So the woman went public with her story. It was first published by The Daily Mail (UK). Then Fox News picked it up. As did The Daily Mail,  Fox News added a line or two about the star of the show, Bill Cosby, being convicted of sexual assault.

The gist of the stories, however, was simple—Omigod! He’s bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s now!

Public wrath was not long in coming. From left to right, pundits shredded Fox News. Some had the gumption to lay responsibility where it belonged—with the woman whose life is apparently so dull she has to make a mountain out of a molehill because she saw an actor working in a grocery.

I think most of the critics didn’t realize the story originated in a British newspaper. Not that it matters.

No one took the time to talk to Owens.

They should have. His story is more interesting than that of the self-appointed amateur paparazzi.

The articles about the woman’s discovery were in my opinion pretty condescending.

The story has a happy ending though.

News broke today that Tyler Perry offered Owens a 10-episode gig on “OWN’s number one drama”  The Haves and Have Nots.

In The Breitbart pice linked above, conservative pundit John Nolte added the woman’s wife works for Trader Joe’s:

“Although this woman feels like “really bad” for him… At this point it’s probably worth pointing out that this woman’s wife also works at Trader Joe’s — so, yeah, quite the fall… What a failure. What kind of loser works at Trader Joe’s, amiright?”

The Daily Mail story featured a photo of the women. It was taken at a moment both were prepared for a photo, and dressed up for a special occasion.

Owens shared his thoughts on the situation in a story run at WSB-TV Atlanta. Read the story. Owens is a gentleman, and responded in a very reasoned way.

No one asked the photographer if she was paid for the photo of Owens.

(Kay B. Day/Sept. 7, 2018)

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