Sold out Jax premiere and reviews of film spark plans for US tour

premiere crowd 'I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday'

Reviews have rolled in for an indie film produced by Durden Godfrey in Jacksonville. The overwhelmingly positive response is resulting in an opportunity for the indie film community in Jacksonville. 

“Despite the challenges of attracting an audience for a story that relies on keeping the details secret, Durden Godfrey’s I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday has managed to gain an impressive following.”
– Will Henley, EU Jacksonville

I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday is not just a horror film. It takes the audience on a psychological journey through their own experiences, posing questions that may come with unwelcome answers. It features a cast of established and rising talent from across Florida.

It wasn’t good for an indie movie and it wasn’t good for a movie shot in Jacksonville. The storyline of this film was just good without caveats.”
– Destiny Johnson, First Coast News

(Jacksonville, FL)—The success of Durden Godfrey’s indie film I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday has sparked plans for a US tour for the film. The film set a new bar for how indie productions are produced and what should be expected from the end result, offering moviegoers a quality experience that dares to reach for the quality and consistency of big budget films while enjoying the depth and edginess that is commonly exclusive to indie cinema. With a story inspired by Hitchcock and an aesthetic inspired by Kubrick, ‘Kill’ lands right on the mark it intended to hit.

I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday screened to a sold-out audience in Jacksonville, Florida on August 9, 2018, presented by The Jacksonville Film Festival.

On the immediate horizon for I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday is a tour, taking the film from its home in Jacksonville to art house theaters, indie cinemas, drive-ins and home viewing parties across the US.

Filmmakers are looking at potential venues, but those who want to see the film can ask that it be shown in their city. If you’re interested in bringing ‘Kill’ to your city, contact David Petlansky via Facebook. You can also email

(Release: I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday/Aug. 16, 2018)

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