It’s personal: Rebecca explores faith and roots with “Living Room Blues”

I write about all types of artists, but this article is personal.

Rebecca Day, vocalist and guitarist for The Crazy Daysies, will soon release a song that took her on a journey into faith and roots. The song is a personal reflection on what her faith means, and it was partly inspired by frustration. Have you ever sat in church and become frustrated with politics in the pulpit? I have, and so have others. “Living Room Blues and Faith” was in part inspired by that experience.

I recall a Christmas Eve several years ago when our family attended the candlelight service. The pastor was a little late. In his opening remarks he began to talk about which news service he trusted most. I’ve worked in media for many years. I happened to know that particular news service is funded by a foreign government. We were all flabbergasted. What did news media have to do with Christmas? I’m still confused over that.

Rebecca also managed to weave into the new song some elements of her philosophies, touching on individualism. She wrote an essay about that—I’ll soon publish it in full. This passage resonated with me:

“I found the element of hope to be my savior. I clung to my free will tightly like a mother to a newborn. I demanded the truth as a bird commands flight. My mind was my best friend, books my best teachers.”

That passage said so much about her pre-teen years. As her mom, I walked alongside her through years of medical treatments that thankfully were successful. In those childhood years she was often robbed of birthdays, holidays, and for awhile, the sports she loved from the time she could walk. Hope was for quite some time her anchor in a medical maze that at times confused her and at other times was very painful.

The music industry is almost impossibly tough. You can’t survive in it if you’re weak. There’s no better manifestation of Darwin’s Law than music if you work at it full time. When she told us she planned to do music full time, as her parents, we were concerned. The industry doesn’t exactly have a good reputation, considering deaths from drug overdoses, sex scandals, and disadvantages for those who don’t embrace a cookie cutter approach. Eventually I realized all those years of hardship prepared her well for a journey into the art she first took up as a toddler with her toy guitar.

“Living Room Blues and Faith” is my favorite song by Rebecca. I don’t know how others will respond to it, so I guess we’ll have to wait until its full release in another week or so. We’re just waiting for all the distribution partners to finalize everything before we get the video and recording out. In her essay, she wrote another line that reminded me she’ll be fine in this industry regardless of where she takes it:

“A daily vow to a reasoned mind is a way that helps me properly navigate the chaotic aisles of the arts.”

I also have a favorite song by Jennifer. “Stick a Lime in It” is a happy song that always makes me smile. It’s always a crowd pleaser. Jen’s child was about five months old when we did the video, and that was a great time with family and friends.

Meanwhile, several more songs are in line for the studio, and Jennifer has written one that I believe is phenomenal. As the girls and their bandmates continue to travel the gig circuit, they’ll continue to find ways to work on their originals and get them recorded.

Guitarist and vocalist Wes Goode will be joining the Daysies more frequently. Talented at songwriting too, Wes is a great asset to the music. Chris Sands will continue as drummer for full band shows.

The Daysies will also be posting more videos on their YouTube channel. This will be a focus going forward, so if you haven’t subscribed, please do. Upcoming shows are listed on their Daysies website and on their public Facebook page.

I’ll keep serving as roadie and unofficial co-manager, and in my forever role of Band Mom. So far, this has been one heck of a journey. I look forward to sharing my writing about the fine musicians we meet along the Daisy Trail and about artists working in other genres too.

*Featured photo in the video of the Daysies by Joel Molotzak Photography.

(Kay B. Day/August 8, 2018)

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