Indie film a spectacular mix of drama, suspense, horror and dark comedy

Film poster 'I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday'

By Jen Day Thompson

Left to right: Joseph Stearman, cast/played Pat Dorette; Jared Rush, Co-Creator and Executive Producer; Durden Godfrey, Creator and Director; William Bishop, Cinematographer and Producer; Simon Strickland, Sound. (Photo: Jen Day-Thompson)
Left to right: Joseph Stearman, cast(played Pat Dorette); Jared Rush, Co-Creator and Executive Producer; Durden Godfrey, Creator and Director; William Bishop, Cinematographer and Producer; Simon Strickland, Sound. (Photo: Jen Day-Thompson)

Durden Godfrey’s I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday premiered in Jacksonville with a sold out, one-night-only event at the downtown Public Library on Thursday, August 9th, 2018.

For months, Facebook followers had seen teasers and promotional posts about the film, sparking interest, conversation and even a shout out from James Murray of television’s Impractical Jokers. Based on crowd response as the film ended Thursday, viewers were not disappointed.

Godfrey’s film premiere started with a red carpet pre-party and cocktails. Guests’ photos were made on the red carpet upon entering and everyone enjoyed drinks and conversation while waiting for the doors to open to the auditorium. There was an undeniable air of excitement from both guests and film crew.

Faneal Goldbold (left) and Jen Day Thompson
Actress and law enforcement expert Faneal Godbold (left) with Jennifer Day Thompson who covered the film premiere of ‘I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday.’ (Photo: Jen Day Thompson)

I had the pleasure of meeting cast member Faneal Godbold who played Detective Iago in the film. As she waited to view the final product for the very first time at the premiere she expressed hope and optimism that films like Godfrey’s would help bring the film industry to Jacksonville, a city that has historically shown support for the arts. Godbold also acted as an advisor for the film, based on her extensive field experience in law enforcement.

I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday takes viewers into the mind of Robert Partridge, a husband, father and marketing executive who suffers from psychological disturbances. As many indie films do, the story takes viewers deeper than the characters on screen, sparking personal revelations and introspection. Elizabeth Baldree, a friend of executive producer Jared Rush, was expecting an eye-opening journey into the mind of a psychopath. Following the film, Baldree confirmed that the production did that and more, sparking personal questions and uncharted talking points.

Brian Mercurio (left) attended the film premiere with his wife Elizabeth Baldree. Jen Day Thompson is shown here with her husband David ( right).

With sponsors such as the Jacksonville Film Festival, Durden Godfrey’s motion picture is paving the way for the growing local film industry. The arts have a way of uniting communities, and Blu Fogarty aims to see that continue. As president and executive director of CORE Incorporated, a non-profit organization that helps needy and underprivileged communities, Fogarty believes in the healing nature of the arts.

Fogarty’s organization’s rock operetta production, The Bacchanal Carnival, travels to small towns and inner city communities, with all proceeds going towards production and the communities they visit. A friend of the makeup crew for Godfrey’s film, Fogarty got into the spirit of the evening with themed face paint.

Niki Logoreci, Jared Rush, Durden Godfrey
Left to right: Niki Logoreci, Jacksonville Film Festival Director; Jared Rush, Co-Creator, Co-Writer and Executive Producer; Durden Godfrey, Creator, Writer, Editor, Director (Photo: Jen Day-Thompson)

When the doors to the auditorium opened Thursday night, an usher reminded guests to take their time getting to their seats. That’s how packed the venue was for the premiere of I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday. With a spectacular mix of drama, suspense, horror and dark comedy, reactions from the audience could be heard throughout the film. Thomas Siedle’s portrayal of Robert Partridge was unforgettable. Though I’d seen him making the rounds at the pre-party, it was hard to believe I was watching the same person on screen. The premiere event closed with a Q&A session with the crew and an after party hosted by The Volstead bar downtown.

Blu Fogarty
Blu Fogarty, associate of make up crew, ready for the film premiere. (Photo: Jen Day Thompson)

Godfrey’s film earned lengthy applause from the audience at the premiere and is sure to see continued acclaim upon its release. As a community, Jacksonville proved its commitment to and support for independent arts Thursday evening. Despite an NFL game and a baseball game downtown, Godfrey’s film drew a crowd that filled every seat.

As the local film industry continues to grow, if Godfrey’s film is a preview of things to come, we have much to look forward to.


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