Daysies’ livestream featured new songs, cancer fundraiser, and film producer

The Crazy Daysies had Friday night off, and ended up doing music anyway. It’d been awhile since they had time to do a livestream, so we invited some friends and family over and ended up having a ball. We heard a couple new covers and the original they’ll soon release. We also had some special guests. 

David Thompson, my son-in-law, who is heading up the American Cancer Society fundraiser for his firm, Coker Law, did a brief on those efforts. Jared Rush, with Third Man Entertainment, spoke to us about the sensational new film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday. Jared co-produced and played a small role in the film.

Rebecca and Jennifer played my favorite Stick a Lime in it, before moving on to “Copperhead Road” and Old Jeans Blue. Rebecca also sang a cover she’s working on—it’s one of my favorites, “Stand by Me.” She also covered “Broken Halos” (Chris Stapleton). We also got to hear the full version of the original “Living Room Blues and Faith.” That should be out within a week or so.

You will also hear baby Kayla joining in on “Stick a Lime in it.” It’s her favorite Daysies’ tune, besides “Back off.”

I laugh every time I hear “Old Jeans Blue.” The girls shot that video in our back yard, and it was very windy. They insisted on a fire in the pit. So we ended up standing guard with the hose pipe the whole time they were filming. What a parent won’t do for their kid, right? There’s a lot of laughter between those girls on the vid—they were laughing at their dad who was conducting routine voiceovers about the cost of insurance if the property caught fire and such.

We really enjoyed hearing from David about the work ACS does, and from Jared about the film.

I’ve watched about half the film on the screener provided to media. My iPad didn’t cooperate very well, so I stopped so I could watch it on the biggest laptop we have. Thus far, I am absolutely mystified by the film and I hope to have a column up tomorrow giving you my take.

Meanwhile, you can see the livestream on the Crazy Daysies’ Facebook page at any time, and you can see comments and leave them while you watch.

You can donate to the cancer fundraiser via David’s Facebook page.

Jen and Rebecca dedicated the program to our beloved family friend, the late Tara Richardson, who passed far too soon after her valiant battle with cancer. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Tara who left us at such a young age. We carry her in our hearts, and because she supported the girls’ music so enthusiastically, we remember her through our songs and we say her name aloud so that it won’t be forgotten.

(Kay B. Day/Aug. 20, 2018)




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