Daysies Live from the Big Orange to benefit cancer charity

Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day and Jen Day Thompson (photo: Joel Molotzak Photography)
Jen Day Thompson with husband David Thompson
Jen Day Thompson (left), violist and vocalist for The Crazy Daysies, shown here with husband David Thompson, associate with Coker Law in Jacksonville. (Photo courtesy Jen Day Thompson)

What does a band do when there’s a rare Friday night off? Find a way to make music, of course. This Friday, August 17, at 7:30 PM, the Crazy Daysies will go live on Facebook to help raise money  for the American Cancer Society. David Thompson, husband of Jennifer, is heading up the fundraiser for his firm. David is an associate at Coker Law. This event on Facebook may yield some surprises.

David Thompson ACS fundraiser
David Thompson is heading up a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. (Snip: Facebook)

The Daysies will be joined by some special guests, including a couple of four-leggers named Rusty the Rescue and Bear the Impossible. Jen and Rebecca will play tunes, including their newest release “Living Room Blues and Faith.”

We came up with the idea after the girls decided to take Friday night off because of a heavy performance schedule coming up. But Friday night without music is unthinkable. When Rebecca and Jen realized they might be able to help raise money for a good cause, they decided to do Friday Night Live from the Big Orange to benefit the ACS.

It’s been awhile since the Daysies did a live show online. The past few months have been among the busiest in their careers, and there wasn’t much time to do a show. They’re looking forward to connecting with fans outside areas where they perform.

So grab a cold one and tune in on Friday evening at 7:30 for music, fun, and surprises. We may even be able to get Rusty to do his special trick. We also hope David will say a few words about the fundraiser.

Plans for this evening took me back many years to when my husband and I were young. Musicians would frequently gather at our house and play tunes while we sang along. Those jams were some of the greatest times ever.

(Posted by Kay B. Day/Band Mom/Aug. 14, 2018)

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